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Cinderella On Amazon Prime! Know Every Latest Detail Here


Cinderella is an upcoming American musical romantic comedy film written by Kay Cannon. Based on the fairy tale of the same name by Charles Perault, it stars singer Camila Cabello as the titular character in her acting debut, with Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, Nicholas Galitzine, James Corden, John Mulaney, Missy Elliot, Minnie Driver, and Pierce Brosnan in featured roles.

Development of the film began in April 2019, when Columbia Pictures announced a musical style film of Cinderella with Cannon writing and editing. Cinderella is scheduled to be released on September 3, 2021, by Amazon Prime Video.

Storyline of Cinderella

Cinderella was a girl born with an impenetrable destiny that is only broken by true love, and so the fairy godmother has to do everything in her power to find Cinderella’s one true love before time runs out. The film begins with a little girl named Ella, whose mother dies when she was six years old. After living under abusive guardianship for ten to eleven years, Ella finds her mother’s old glass slipper and goes to the prince’s ball in hopes of finding true love.

Ella is dancing around at home after getting used to wearing shoes again as part of a new life plan that includes being happy about who you are just as long as you’re alive- it starts off things well enough, but then when someone recognizes the shoe from one minute earlier, they take it away without asking first!


The prince arrives and makes a public announcement that he wants to find the woman who owns it, but nobody steps forward. To further complicate matters for Ella, her evil stepmother gets away with stealing from everyone in attendance while she is at the ball!

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Ella’s fairy godmother helps make amends by turning a pumpkin into an elegant carriage home and organizing an evening gown made of glass-but this doesn’t solve everything because they are still without shoes. A quick trip through what seems like a magical forest takes care of their problem when they encounter some talking mice. These rodents tell them about “an old man [who] may have just your shoe size” before later leading Ella directly back to where she had lost it earlier, without a soul seeing!

The film ends with Ella and Prince Charming getting married, which the entire kingdom celebrates. The last shot is of her glass slipper being thrown in to amaze at how it fits just the perfectly-the only thing that remained from the original fairy tale.

Cinderella Teaser Trailer Reveals First Footage From New 2021 Musical

Source: Screen

Plot Summary of the movie by Amazon Prime

The film begins with Ella’s mother dying after telling her daughter she must remain a lady at all times. This leaves the father, who is in charge of making sure his only child will be well-provided for and taken care of by others when he too dies. He decides to marry again but has many job interviews because there are so many people wanting to take care of this little girl. Eventually, he meets Lady Tremaine (Anjelica Huston), a widow with two daughters from her previous marriage: Drizella (Keegan Connor Tracy) and Anastasia (“Stacey” Stevens). They promise not to mistreat or neglect the young woman, which they do immediately upon marrying him and moving into their new life.

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The two older sisters are jealous of the attention that Cinderella (Jennifer Hale) gets from her new stepmother and stepsisters. Drizella and Anastasia taunt their sister by claiming she’s only good to do chores, but she always keeps a smile on her face despite all this mistreatment. They even go so far as to cruelly tear apart one of Cinderella’s dresses because they’re jealous! Lady Tremaine is angry at them for doing such an act in front of company guests who were visiting; however, she doesn’t punish either daughter or does anything about the ruined dress.


Release Date

The film is scheduled to be released on September 3, 2021. In June 2019, Sony scheduled the film for release for February 2021. In January 2021, the release date was pushed back to July 16, 2021. And finally, it was decided to air the film on Amazon Prime Video on 3rd September 2021.

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