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“Mythic Quest” Season 3: Cast, Plot trailer details for the Apple TV Comedy

Mythic Quest Season 3, the television comedy series about a group of friends on an adventure to find a mystical quest that is filled with mythical heroes and villains, returns for another season with new players. The cast includes new players, such as John Hensley and Ariana Madix. Veteran actors like Bobby Lee return to their roles of The Golden Knight, Prince Goodwin Jr., Baron Von Tussleberry III, King Richard the Lionheart, and Sir Isaac Newton Pippinappleton VII.

The show will also be premiering the first two episodes of season three exclusively for a limited time on Apple TV, in addition to television stations across the US and Canada.

Season Recap

Episode One: What Happened Last Night? The gang has been tasked by King Richard with finding the Golden Knight, and they are off to a good start. When they find Prince Goodwin Jr., he warns them of dangers ahead, but the gang is eager to get going regardless.

Episode Two: The Knights of Courage The quest for the Golden Knight continues with excitement as our heroes make new friends, such as Sir Isaac Newton Pippinappleton VII and Baron Von Tussleberry III, along their journey through some dark dungeons in pursuit of King Richard’s mission.


As we near the end, things take an unexpected turn when one member from last season’s team returns just before a shocking discovery that will change everything! Join us on Season Three of Mythic Quest this October on Apple TV or television stations across North America.”

Plot Summary of the New Season

Mythic Quest Everlight review: Another reason to sign up for Apple TV Plus  | Tom's Guide

Source: Tom’s

Episode One: The Quest Begins

The gang decides to embark on a new quest to find the next Golden Knight. After they witness Prince Goodwin Jr. get captured by some strange creatures, he warns them of dangers ahead, but the group is eager to get going regardless. As they venture through dark dungeons and run into friends along the way, will this mission prove too hard for our heroes? Join us as we explore Season Three of Mythic Quest coming soon!

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Episode Two: The Knights of Courage

After successfully finding their way out from an escape room without any help needed (or clues), party members are excited about continuing their journey together until one member from last season’s team returns just before a shocking discovery that changes everything.

Episode Three: The Golden Knight

It’s the final week before they head off on their journey to find Prince Goodwin Jr., and it looks like there is a new golden knight in town, but will he help or hinder them?

Episode Four: The Dark Forest

When the group arrives at an ancient amusement park, they are met with some of Mythic Quest’s most terrifying enemies yet! Will this be one of their last adventures together? And who could have predicted that the name of this episode would become so true?


Episode Five: Into The Beast Cave

The season finale ends with a climactic battle against not only one gruesome beast but also themselves. With each member taking down personal demons from all over their lives, where do our heroes stand now?

Episode Six: The Return of King Glum-Glooms

The gang is reunited and back in the Kingdom after their epic battle. But who’s missing, and what could have happened to them on that journey home?

Release Date

There is no premiere date for the new season of “Mythic Quest.” With McElhenny himself not clued is not when he will break its story; it’s annoying to guess when or not it will drop. But, it is expected to drop in fall 2021.

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Cast Members

When no official cast has been announced, it is a safe assumption that most of Mythic Quest’s principal cast will return for a third season.


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