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Get Ready for Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Release Date Alert! What We Know


Hunter x Hunter is coming back! Huzzah! Some of you may have seen the release date for Season 7 of the show floating around, but we wanted to take a moment to tell you what we know about it. This post will go over all the information that has been released so far, including when and how many episodes there will be in Season 7.

The show is coming back to Japanese television. This means that it will come out in the west at some time after this, likely with a delay of around two months for each episode to be translated and dubbed into English (please don’t forget about us U.S. viewers!). While we’re all excited, there’s no confirmed release date yet as far as how long Season Seven episodes are going to last or when they’re going to go live on Funimation Now or Hulu! So stay tuned for more details!

What we know about “Hunter X Hunter Season 7”?

It is coming back to Japanese television, meaning that it will come out in the West at some point. It is not confirmed when it will come out here in the States.

There’s no release date yet as to how long Season Seven episodes are going to last or when they’re coming out on Funimation Now and Hulu! Stay tuned for more details!


What will be the cast?

It is uncertain who will be the voice actors for this series. There’s no confirmation on when we can expect a season seven announcement about casting here in The States! Stay tuned to know more details!

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Release Date & Everything We Know - OtakuKart


So it appears that there are some questions regarding the “Hunter X Hunter” season seven release date and what we can expect from the new episodes.

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What will be the story?

We don’t know yet if there will be any new episodes.

Hunter x Hunter Season 6 releases Netflix on Thursday, July 1, 2021, so it makes sense why everyone wants to know about Hunter x Hunter season 7.

What can we expect from season 7?

The manga is still in publication, so it’s likely the new episodes will follow that storyline. The manga is still in publication, so it’s likely the new episodes will follow that storyline.


The show was created by Yoshihiro Togashi and has been on air since 2011! It follows a group of young people who have their abilities awakened to become hunters. The story follows Gon Freecs as he strives to find his father with the help of Professor Hisoka while exploring the dangerous world inhabited by different species such as humans, demons, players of God’s game, dragons, cardinally shinobi (ninja), youkai (spirits) and many more.

In 2018 Netflix confirmed that they would be airing season seven for “Hunter X Hunter,”  and all previous six seasons are also available for streaming currently.

The first episode of the new season will be titled “Gon and His Friends in Japan! With this date approaching fast, fans are eagerly waiting for more information about what this newest chapter has in store ‬for us all, but unfortunately, no other details have been released yet; it seems like Netflix is keeping those under wraps for now.

However, if you can’t wait until October, then there’s still some time left to rewatch or watch “Hunter X Hunter” for the very first time before then, with seasons one through six streaming exclusively.

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