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Disney+ to telecast Star Wars: The Acolyte show – Everything we know so far!

The Acolyte Show

Disney+, the new streaming service; from the House of the Mouse, is all set to stream the Star Wars: The Acolyte show. This will be the first live-action TV series; in the franchise, and it stars Gina Torres, who has been a part of many popular shows, including Firefly and Suits.

What is “The Acolyte” Show about?

“The Acolyte” show is the first live-action TV series; in the Star Wars franchise. The story follows; a group of acolytes with Jedi powers, which are trained by Yoda as they try to defeat the Sith. Gina Torres plays the lead protagonist and has been part of many popular shows, including Firefly and Suits.

Release Date Speculations for The Acolyte Show

From the looks of the trailer, the TV series will be set in a period between Episodes III and IV. We can expect to see many familiar faces, including Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) as well as Darth Vader, who is played by Spencer Wilding (Rogue One). Other characters; from the show include; Quinlan Vos (Tom Baker), Clea Rabinowitz (Claudia Black), Ecliptic Acolyte Qui-Gon Jinn’s former, Padawan Xanatos Draxis, Sith apprentice; Kueller Sabe Tabris, and Jedi master Foul Moudama.

The season one premiere episode releases on November 12th with no word yet on when subsequent episodes will release or how much we’ll have to pay the monthly fee.


Disney+ will be the only place where the show Acolyte is available, so you better get your hands on their streaming service if you want the chance of seeing a new Star Wars spin-off!

Star Wars: The Acolyte Release Date & Story Details | Screen Rant

Source: Screen

Star Wars: The Acolyte Series Potential Plotline

It seems that the season one premiere episode follows Quinlan Vos (a Jedi who has the power to see the future) and his apprentice Xanatos Draxis (who is gifted in the Force).

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They are tasked by the Galactic Republic with finding a missing Jedi master, Foul Moudama. He had been last seen on the planet Kiffex where he was investigating an illegal mining operation, but when they finally find him, he’s dying from poisoned fumes. And there seems to be another person at the scene of the crime: Darth Vader!

While it would seem that this show will focus entirely on Quinlan Vos and Xanatos Draxis throughout its ten-episode season one run, if Disney+ picks up for a second season, then it could have more series arcs involving other characters or locations.

The Acolyte Show is inspired by the Phantom Menace.

It is set to be a ten-episode series, with the first season focusing on Quinlan Vos and Xanatos Draxis. There are hopes that if the second season picks up, then it might have more in-depth characters or locations explored by this new TV Series from Lucasfilm Animation Ltd.


The Acolyte Show was inspired partly by the Phantom Menace, which comes out October 16th, so don’t forget to check out the long-form content about what’s coming soon!

What is the Phantom Menace?

The Phantom Menace is the first installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. It was released in 1999 and had the highest opening day gross up until that point at $47 million. The film has been met with mixed reviews from critics, but it did have a positive reception from audiences because Disney+ will be airing the cartoon series based on this movie!

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The Acolyte Series Star Cast and Characters

The Acolyte animated series will be the first live-action Star Wars show to air on Disney+. It’s set in the days of the Old Republic, and it has an ensemble cast that includes:

Ferus Olin (played by Jude Law) is the protagonist. He was a Jedi Knight during the prequel trilogy who then went into hiding, but he now becomes a mentor to Ezra Bridger when he joins his group.


Ezra Bridger is played by Freddie Highmore, also known for playing Norman Bates from Psycho!

Anakin Skywalker is played by Sebastian Spence, which should excite both fans of the movie franchise and those who loved watching him act in The Crown.

Queen Padmé Amidala is played by the fashion model Naomi Campbell.

Ezra Bridger’s best friend and the daughter of Jabba the Hutt, Sabé (played by Kimiko Glenn), and even the Emperor Palpatine himself, with Ian McDiarmid reprising his role!


The Acolyte will reportedly be set around the time that Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ;takes place, which means it’ll have to adopt some key moments from this film, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi killing Count Dooku before they find out about Anakin Skywalker turning evil.

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