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Netflix K-Drama “Mine” Release Date and Other Details

Mine Season 2

K-drama is the new trend among the youth. To follow the trend, Netflix came up with another K-drama, “Mine,” with actress Seo Hee-soo as the lead actress. The k-drama “Mine” is a story about the life of Hyeong-Jung (Seo Hee-soo) and her struggle with an abusive, manipulative husband. The drama has everything from love to revenge in store for viewers. I think that it’s safe to say we are all excited about this k-drama.

Season 1 Details

Season 1 of this K-drama series, packed with 16 episodes with two new episodes releasing every Sunday and Saturday, is already streaming on Netflix. Episode 1 of this K-drama series “Mine” was released on 8th May 2021, and Episode 2 was released on 9th May 2021 with a runtime of approx 70 minutes per episode. The season has ended this June 2021.

Your Next K-Drama Obsession, 'MINE' starring Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung,  Lee Hyun Wook and more


The plot of the series

Seo Hee-Soo, the lead actress of the show, is an actress who marries one of the most affluent families of South Korea in the loss of her beautiful career as one of the lead actresses in the country. The plot of the K-drama series is mostly based on the women trying to find their true selves.

Release Date

Season one premiered on 8th May 2021, and the final episode was released on 27th June 2021. The release date of the brand new season has not been officially announced, but it is ready to premiere next year.


  • Lee Bo-young as Seo Hi -soo former top actress and Hyowon Group’s second daughter-in-law.
  • Kim Seo-Hyung is Jung Seo-hyun, Hyowon Group’s first daughter-in-law and director of Seohyun Gallery.
  • Cho Hye-won as young Jung Seo-hyun.
  • Ok, Ja-Yeon as Kang Ja-Kyung/Lee Hye-jin, Han Ha-Joon’s tutor and biological mother.
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