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Loki Season 1 Episode 4 Explained! Expect the Unexpected.

Loki EPisode 4

Loki is a show that can be enjoyed by both Marvel and Loki fans. Loki Season 1 Episode 4 Explained! Expect the Unexpected. Loki has a complicated plot, but it is well worth watching because of all the twists and turns in episode four. Loki’s cast does an excellent job playing their roles, especially Anthony Hopkins as Odin. This will not be your average Loki recap – we’ll go through every detail from beginning to end, so you know what to expect next time you watch Loki on Disney+Hotstar.

Loki Episode 4 Release Date

Loki Season One Episode Four, “The Darkhold,” is set to release on Wednesday, June 30th. As we have now recognized the pattern, MCU plans on releasing Loki episode-wise. With each episode being released on Wednesdays!

A review of Loki Episode Four

Loki takes a radical turn; when he comes face-to-face with his own Surtur demon. At the same time, Jane Foster has to take extreme measures; to save Loki and the Nine Realms.

The first thing you should know; about Loki is that it’s not your average superhero show, which makes it all the more thrilling. Every episode, there are new twists and turns to wait for viewers – we’ve been caught off-guard several times already with Loki Season One! For this particular recap, let’s start from the beginning: Odin finds Jane Foster on Earth after she used her powers as Thor’s human girlfriend to see what he was up against while fighting Thanos at Avengers Endgame. She must break Loki out of prison, but if she does so, then everyone will find out about them both being superpowered beings.


Loki Season One Episode Four is full of Loki’s plan to escape, a guard being revealed as an Asgardian spy and Loki discovering that he has the power to manipulate minds. Loki discovers his ability when Odin confronts him about Jane Foster while Loki was in prison for breaking Thor out. The episode ends with Loki capturing Odin and taking over the throne on Asgard!

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Loki Season One Episode Four Explained: Expect the Unexpected!

This particular recap starts at the beginning where Jane Foster breaks Loki – who resides in prison because he broke Thor out of jail – out so they can take back their secrets from everyone else (like if anyone finds out, she had been using her powers as a human).

In this episode, there is a lot of Loki’s manipulation power shown – when Odin confronts Loki about Jane Foster, Loki discovers his ability to manipulate minds.

The episode ends with Loki capturing Odin and taking over the throne on Asgard! Stay tuned for more recaps every Wednesday at 11 pm EST!


Are there any spoilers for Loki episode 5?

Hint: Loki Season One Episode Five is called “In the Name of Loki.”

Loki’s motivations for taking over Asgard from Odin are finally revealed. And when Loki realizes he can’t get what he wants through mind manipulation, he’ll have to unleash a few spells on his unsuspecting adoptive father and everyone else to achieve victory.

Popularly Asked Questions about the series

Who is Loki?

Loki is an Asgardian and the adopted brother of Thor. Loki has always been jealous of his half-brother for two reasons: first, because he’s not as powerful; second because Odin favors him over Loki.

What does Loki want?

Loki wants to take control of Asgard so that he can be king instead of Odin! He also badly wants revenge on those who hurt him before–namely Thor and Sif.


Is Loki the villain in the MCU Series?

Loki is the villain in this Loki series. Loki intends to take down Asgard and rule it asking, but Loki also wants revenge on his adoptive father Odin for favoring Thor over him.

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Does Loki have powers?

Yes! Loki possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina that make him capable of fighting enemies with great power like Thor or Hulk which he does often during Season One of the series. He can shapeshift into animals (e.g., a snake) and other people; cast ‘magic’ spells such as when Loki turned himself into Lady Sif so she could go free from her cell; use weapons with magic properties called sorcery against opponents–in one scene in Episode Fourteen, “The World-Eater,” Loki has a spear that can paralyze its target; and Loki can project hallucinations into the minds of other people.

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