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What Will Happen In Money Heist Season 5: Focus On Alicia Sierra

Money Heist season 5

Money Heist is one of the most popular Spanish television series at the moment. It’s a crime thriller that follows a group of criminals, led by The Professor, who plan to rob Spain’s Central Bank in order to save their loved ones from financial ruin. Season 5 has just finished airing, and it was an incredible ride with lots of shocking turns. In this article, we will talk about what happened on Money Heist season 5: Alicia Sierra!

Everything To Know About Alicia Sierra:

There’s not long left before Money Heist returns to screens with season five. While many waits to find out the fate of The Professor (Álvaro Morte), others have taken their theories on Reddit about Alicia Sierra’s position in the hit show Netflix series.

Alicia Sierra is a police inspector who’s called in to help the Spanish government locate and arrest “The Professor” and his team of criminal conspirators. She goes after them with vengeance after following their trail for three months only to find that they had pulled off the biggest heist ever- an unbelievably daring robbery that was: robbing from the Royal Mint of Spain!

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Turning corrupt, Alicia abused her badge in season three. Witnessed when she captured one member, Rio (Miguel Herran).

Alicia brutally tortured Rio for information for several days and illegally hanged him upside down, giving him third-degree burns, and burying him alive. She halted the heist after Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) informed her that the rest of their team had robbed the Bank of Spain.


In a desperate attempt to arrest the team, Alicia unsuccessfully brought Nairiobi’s (Alba Flores) estranged son outside of the bank. Lured by his calls for help, she ran onto the street where she was shot and killed by her former colleague, creating extra confusion with all parties and resulting in Elena’s hasty rescue from custody.

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After being tortured by the government for three years, Rio released a video exposing what happened to him. Seeking redemption his superiors sent him to a press conference with Alicia Sierra whom he accuses of watching as he was beaten.

After being fired for her crimes, Alicia attempted to apprehend The Professor with the help of a disguise. He walked away unscathed by a weapon she pointed at him from outside his office in the season four finale.

Many fans theorize that Alicia will not be the one to murder next season’s high-profile target.


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