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Percy Jackson TV Series: What We Know So Far

Perccy Jackson tv show

Percy Jackson TV series is coming to the small screen, and we know so far everything about it. If you’re a Percy Jackson fan, then this post will be your go TV-to source for all things PJO related. It goes over what we know so far about the show’s cast, release date, trailer, and more!

About the Percy jackson!

Percy Jackson is based on the book series by Rick Riordan. The first season will be a ten-episode adaptation of the novel, and future seasons explore different books in the PJO universe.

Rick Riordan on Percy Jackson!

Rick Riordan is the author of Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief and has been involved in all aspects of production. He will be an on-set consultant for season one, as well as have a hand in writing scripts to keep continuity with his books.

“I have seen this show come together under immense pressure,” Rick says. “It’s turned out even better than I could ever have hoped.”


He also said, “It’s been a lot of fun to see my characters come alive and interact with each other.”

Riordan is excited for the show to be out in the world. He says, “I’m looking forward to seeing what people think. It will always have that special place in my heart because it was such a risk.”

“We’re proud and happy that so many fans are anxiously waiting for this,” Riordan says of PJO fandom today.

Rick Riordan has seen his books turned into movies before- Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Lightning Thief came out on February 12th, 2010 -and he knows how much they can differ from their original version as well share similarities with it.

Percy Jackson' TV Series on Disney+ 'Will Be the Show We've Been Waiting  for,' Rick Riordan Says

Source: Showbiz Cheat

“It’s always a risk,” Riordan said of adapting his books to the screen, “You can’t please everyone and you just have to hope that most people will like it.”\

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Riordan admits he was really nervous about another PJO movie coming out after Lightning Thief because they had made so many changes. He says, “I didn’t want them messing up my other characters while I tried to get back on track with writing new ones.”

The Percy Jackson TV series is going somewhere we haven’t seen before in any films or novels: Tartarus- the realm where monsters live at the bottom of hell. The show has also been able to provide answers for some things not discussed in either of the first two Percy Jackson movies, such as what happens when a monster enters Camp Half-Blood.


Jay Ryan as Percy Jackson

Logan Lerman as Grover Underwood (new)


Alyssa Diaz, Nathan Fillion, and Rosario Dawson will also star.

Justina Machado will play Annabeth’s mother.

Nico Minoru is the daughter of a Witch Queen who ran away from home to find her fate with her friends at Camp Half-Blood but has since had to go on the run when Hades sent assassins after his sister Persephone made Nico one of three people alive that can open up the Doors Of Death for him. She wields magic like Hermes does in this universe, which was given to her by Hecate, goddess of witchcraft and crossroads–or so she thought. Nico is actually the daughter of Hades and Persephone, which makes her a new generation Godling!


Percy Jackson is one of the world’s most famous demigods and he has to go on a quest with his friends Nico, Grover, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, and Luke Castellan. They must find Zeus’s lightning bolt so that Kronos does not rise from Tartarus. However, they have also been hunted by monsters sent by Hades to get them killed before their mission can be completed.



The Percy Jackson TV series is set to air in the winter of 2022. It’s going to be a reimagining of the story and will, most likely, introduce new characters as well as some that have been mentioned before but never seen on screen. For example, we know that Annabeth Chase (played by Uma Thurman) has already joined the cast in an undisclosed role.

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