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Katla season 2 Updates: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Theme!

Katla Season 2

Katla season 2 has been confirmed, and we’re ready to share all the details with you. Katla season 2 will be released on September 1st and will return for a second series of 6 episodes. Katla’s cast is back as well, including Anna Friel as Katya – Katla’s mother; John Henshaw as Alexei – Katla’s father; Harry Treadaway as Leo – Katyla’s brother; Callum Booth-Ford as Daniel – Katla’s boyfriend; Julia Goldani Telles as Charlotte – one of Katya’s friends who becomes jealous when she finds out about Leo and his new girlfriend.

Katla Season 2 Renewal Status

The Katla Season Two renewal has been confirmed by BBC Three. Katla Season Two will return for a second series of six episodes, with Katla (Anna Friel) struggling to come to terms with the death of her daughter and Katla’s family coping in different ways.

However, a release date cannot be expected before 2023.

Katla Season 2: Will it be on Netflix? Expected Release Date and more - Daily Research Plot

Source: Daily Research

Plot Details for Katla Season 2

Katya’s life in London is going well, but her relationship with Leo and the rest of her family and friends becomes strained when Katya starts to explore new relationships – both professional and personal. Katya catches a glimpse of what she had before; an opportunity for more than just herself. As Katya struggles between old ties versus new beginnings, we see how each person impacts Katla’s identity as they grow into their own lives too.

Katla struggles to come to terms with the death of her daughter; Katla’s father, Alexei tries his best but falls into despair as he mourns, while Leo copes by pushing himself harder at work and Daniel seeks solace in an old flame. Meanwhile, Charlotte becomes jealous when she finds out about Leo and his new girlfriend, Katla. Katla also meets a new man, Alexei’s childhood friend Pyotr who has always harbored feelings for Katya but is afraid of disappointing her now that she’s got someone else – Katia.


Meanwhile, Katla starts to realize how much power she has when it comes to the people around her and begins putting them in their place by bullying them or using guilt trips from time to time – especially with Charlotte. It all becomes too much, though, as Leo can’t take Katla pushing him away anymore, so he breaks up with her right before Katla finds out about the affair they had been having behind his back.

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Katla Season 2 Cast and Characters

Katia: Katla’s best friend with a secret crush on her

Katya (Katia): Katla’s twin sister, who is unaware of their connection

Alexandra Katya’s boss at the gym and deeply in love with her. She insists that they don’t see each other until it becomes too much to resist any longer.


Leo Alexei & Pyotr’s childhood friends turned lovers. He starts as a loyal guy but eventually falls in love with both Katya and Katia simultaneously – one time, he even has an affair behind Katla’s back! He gets dumped by his girlfriend when she finds out about his cheating ways, then dumps him right before finding out about them being together.

The Theme for Katla

The theme of Katla Season two is the pursuit of happiness. Katya and Katia are both pursuing their own version of happiness. While Leo, Pyotr, and Charlotte all have different things to overcome; before they can find it for themselves too. Katya’s life gets a little more complicated; when she starts seeing visions that come true, which lead her to some surprising places. But with each turn, she learns something new; about herself or others around her. Katka struggles; with balancing work and parenting. As well as being able to forgive; those who hurt her because sometimes you just need someone there to make us feel safe again- even if it’s not them…especially if it’s not them.

Themes: love, betrayal, heartbreak, family, friendship.

Katla Season 1 Reviews and Ratings

Reviews have been mixed so far with Katla season one, and they are yet to be told if Katla will return in the next series. What do you think of Katla? Would you like her to come back for another season or not? Let me know below!


Katla’s Review: “It was a good show that I would recommend even though there were some slow moments.” – Katla from Yahoo Reviews. She gave it three stars out of five.

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