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What We Know About Princess Switch 3: Everything We’re Thinking So Far

Princess Switch 3

The Princess Switch 3 is the third installment of the Princess Switch movie series. The first two movies were released in 2017 and 2018, respectively, so this next one should be coming out soon! However, there isn’t a confirmed release date yet. In this post, we will discuss everything that we know about it so far.

The Princess Switch: The Third Movie is Coming Soon!

Netflix is capitalizing on the holidays with their various movies, among which are “The Princess Switch” trilogy. Despite being a Christmas-themed film, “The Princess Switch” actually extends the New Year holiday into January.

Filming on The Princess Switch 3 wrapped this year, and star Vanessa Hudgens commemorated the event with a photo on Instagram. We don’t know when the princess switch will be released—while filming took place in Scotland earlier this year, that doesn’t mean its release date couldn’t roll around anytime before December 31st.

“The Princess Switch” first appeared on Netflix on November 16, 2018, with its sequel hitting the platform two years to the date on November 19, 2020. MGM has not announced a release date for “The Princess Switch 3.”


The Princess Switch: The Third Movie’s Cast Details!

Not much is known about “Princess Switch 3,” as it’s still in development, but it appears that Vanessa Hudgens will be reprising all of her previous roles. While Vanessa Hudgen’s confirmed to return for the third film of the franchise, it looks like she won’t have a fourth character in this one.

Deadline reports that a majority of the cast from “The Princess Switch 2” will reprise their roles for the third film. The cast inculcates:

  • Sam Palladio will play Prince Edward, Stacy’s husband.
  • Nick Sagar will play Kevin, Stacy’s best frien, and the husband of Queen Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens).
  • Florence Hall will play Mindy.
  • Ricky Norwood will play Reggie.
  • Suanne Braun will play Mrs. Donatelli.
  • Mark Fleischmann will play Frank de Luca.
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Deadline reports that Will Kemp (preparing to portray Hunter Cunard, a suave and sophisticated international hotelier with interest in acquiring valuable antiques) will join the cast.

The Princess Switch: The Third Movie’s Plot Synopsis!

The first two films in this series have shown Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy receiving their happily-ever-afters. If the series follows the same pattern as its predecessors, it will focus on Fiona’s love life.

In the third film of this series, England’s Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy beg Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens) to help them find a stolen relic, even though she had just tried to take over the throne at the end previous film.

The Princess Switch 3: Release Date, Cast & Story Details

Source: Screen

But Fiona is on the case, according to Deadline. The Hollywood Reporter outlets that Fiona’s return will be full of romance. “There’s a very unexpected switch,” has been teased from the project and it appears to lead back to an old flame revisited.

It is likely that the mystery person, in this case, is Will Kemp’s character, given his particular interest in antiques and artifacts. But we’ll have to find out if that’s the case during the Christmas season.

Will there be a princess switch 3?

There is no word on whether or not there will be any new series.

If this film is successful, it’s certainly possible that the opportunity for more films in the series could come up, but we’ll have to wait and see how well this one performs first.

It’s been rumored that this Series will make its debut at Christmas time (not surprising given history), so stay tuned!


How many movies of this series are there?

There have been two movies so far. The first one was released in 2018 and the second will be coming out at Christmas time, 2019 (as of this writing).

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Why was Olivia recast on The Princess Switch?

Olivia Holt played Alex in the last movie but she had to bow out because her shooting schedule conflicted with Dancing With The Stars commitments. Alyssa Diaz stepped in for her role instead. There are no plans to find another actress to replace Olivia if they decide to create additional films.

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