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Unfrosted Netflix Release Date, Cast and Plot

Unfrosted Netflix

If you have ever been curious about the invention of the Pop-Tart, you will be happy to learn that writer-comedian Jerry Seinfield is currently working on a film about the origins of the famous breakfast party at Netflix. The upcoming movie titled “Unfrosted” is a part of a $100 million deal.

Seinfeld is set to direct, cast himself in the upcoming movie. He is also co-writing the screenplay with Spike Ferensten and Barry Marder.

Plot Summary

“Unfrosted,” tells the story of unfamous inventor Roger Corman, who sold his idea for a pre-packaged breakfast pastry to Kellogg’s in 1967. The film is intended as an exploration of creativity and how genius emerges from humble beginnings.


  • Jerry Seinfield as Roger Corman
  • Alicia Silverstone as Lisa Messenger
  • David Spade as Michael Lewis
  • John Turturro as George Kelling.
Unfrosted Netflix Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far



Roger Corman, a humble unfamous inventor, sold his idea for the pre-packaged breakfast pastry to Kelloggs in 1967. The movie is intended as an exploration of creativity and how genius emerges from humble beginnings. Roger Corman has sold many inventions, but one day, he comes up with the idea for a piece of frosted bread that can be kept on store shelves without spoiling–much like milk or eggs do today.

He brings his invention to Kellogg’s, who are intrigued by the concept but unsure about its potential profit margin since it is unproven technology and would require expensive machinery changes at their flour mills. They offer him $600 instead, which he declines because they have no interest in marketing this new product.


Roger Corman, unfazed, approaches his old friend and business partner Charles Lang Jr., who has just left the advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding to form a new company with another former FCB executive named Dan Jaffe. Roger tells him about this idea for frosted bread that Kelloggs turned down, but he’s not sure how they could make it work in America without doing some major capital investment–maybe even building their own plants from scratch if necessary. The two men agree on an experiment: try marketing unfrosted bread first as “Unfrosted,” then perhaps move into other areas like cereal or cookie dough later depending on how well-unfrosted bread does at the market.

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Release Date

As of now, there is no confirmation on the release date. With the project having just announced ,it is still in the early stages of development. Production is being set to begin in the next spring. So, we can guess that “Unfrosted” will be out in the year 2022 late.

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