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“Snake Eyes” creator Larry Hama talks about the movie’s Spin-offs!

Snake EYes

Larry Hama is a renowned comic book artist and writer who has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, CrossGen Entertainment. He is the creator of Snake Eyes in G.I Joe: A Real American Hero, as well as Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk.

About the movie “Snake Eyes.”

The Snake Eyes series was originally planned to be a 12-issue maxi-series. But it is now 57 issues long; since Larry Hama could not foresee; how popular Snake Eyes would become. within the comic book world. As of today, Snake Eyes remains one of Marvel Comics’ longest-running titles; at an impressive 117 monthly issues so far. With no end in sight! Snake eyes will always remain set in World War III. Because even though we know who won this war, there are plenty more stories left; for us to explore what happened during those ye, fromrom people on both sides of the confl,ict which are Snake Eyes’ point of view.

He is a preeminent member of the G.I Joe team, and his first appearance; was in issue due to Larry Hama’s fascination with ninjas!

Snake Eyes has appeared in over 100 titles, including New Mutants, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Spiderman Unlimited, all predating Marvel Comics’ “Civil War” storyline, which was heavily inspired. By Snake Eyes back on World War III era Earths!


As for the movie spinoffs, there have been many, but I’m only going to discuss my favourites: G.I Joe: A Real American Hero as well as Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk because they both continue Snake Eye’s legacy from different perspectives.

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Snake Eyes Release Date Official Announcement

The Snake Eyes release date was announced on 23rd March 2021. The movie is set to hit the theatres on 21st July 2021 and will be a must-watch for everyone – not just G.I Joe fans!

Larry Hama on Snake Eyes

Snake Eye’s skit has been released by Larry Hama himself, who talks about his inspirations of Snake Eyes. While also explaining how one can play Snake Eye; at their respective homes; with an Airsoft gun or Nerf dart guns; from Hasbro as well as other toy weapons; such as bow and arrow that he designed for Marvel Comics’ Wolverine series back in 1964-1965 when it first appeared.

Larry Hama on Snake Eyes: “I’m not a military expert, but I am an artist who loves to draw and write. So Snake Eyes is a result of that.”


“It’s one thing if you’re just looking at the character from afar as in ‘hey look he’s cool’, it’s another when they go into his head and see what he does.” Larry continues about Snake Eye’s personality.

Larry Hama on Snake Eye’s Spinoff movies: “I was delighted that my idea for a movie sequel called Snake Eyes II became the comic book series ‘G. I Joe Yearbook’. It’s hard to imagine how you could do it without me.” Larry goes onto say he also helped design some of the characters in the previous spinoff film.

There are a few unanswered questions about Snake Eyes and his background that Larry Hama is not willing to answer. He says he doesn’t want to give away too much of the movie’s plot, but some things can be revealed. Snake Eyes has been raised as an orphan in America with no knowledge of who his parents were or where he came from before coming over to Japan for training.

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Star Cast for the film

Snake Eyes Should've Been Asian From Start Of The Comics, Says Creator

Source: Screen

Ursula Corbero as Baroness

Samara Weaving as Scarlett


Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow

Iko Uwais as Hard Master

Ramon Rodriguez as Snake Eyes

Scott Adkins and Ray Park reprise their roles from previous G. Joe films, Flint and Snake Eyes respectively.


The plot of Snake Eyes

“The story revolves around an elite squad of soldiers with no names or ties – known simply as ‘Nameless.’ They are led into one battle after another against Cobra forces.” When their platoon leader is killed, they’re left without direction until Snake Eyes (Ray Park) comes along and takes Snake Eyes name as his own.

After Snake Eyes is betrayed by the G. Joe team he was training, Snake Eyes renounces everything that has identified him so far in life – including a face scarred from childhood burns and all memories of who his parents were or where he came from before coming over to Japan for training.

He becomes more focused than ever on one thing: revenge against those responsible for destroying what little remained of Snake Eye’s world. The only question left is whether Snakeeyes can reclaim himself without losing himself completely in the process?

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