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Pete Davidson has no idea if he will return to “Saturday Night Live”!

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is a comedic genius and has been on “Saturday Night Live” for six years. He announced that he was going to be taking a break from the show. To focus on his mental health, but no one knows if Pete will return at all. He also said, “I’m just gonna go away for a little while because I want to make sure that everything’s okay with me.” Pete also said, “I’ll figure it out when I have time to think about it.”

Pete Davidson’s return on Saturday Night Live

SNL fans are eagerly awaiting the day that they can see him again. And hope for an eventual return, so Pete does not get burned out of comedy entirely! Hopefully, this leave of absence helps give him some peace of mind as well. Pete has been open about his mental health, and Pete’s fans are worried that Pete may not be able to return.

As Pete’s fans await a decision about his future on the show and worry that Pete may not return to “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), they can take some solace in Pete saying that it is okay for him to go.

Pete has been open about his mental health, and Pete’s fans are worried that Pete may not be able to return because of this. In an interview with Complex magazine, Pete said: “I’ll figure it out when I have time to figure it out. I know that could take, like, a year or two years.” Pete also said he’s not sure if the show is in his future because Pete doesn’t want to do anything “unless I can fully give myself [to] 100%,” and Pete does not think he has been able to manage work-life balance, as well as Pete, would have liked.

Pete Davidson Returns to 'Saturday Night Live' and Reveals Why He Really Missed the Last Two Episodes | Entertainment Tonight

Source: Entertainment

This might be for the best, though–Pete has expressed that Pete will need some time away from comedy, so Pete does not get burned out of comedy entirely! Hopefully, this leave of absence helps give him some peace of mind too, which means more great comedic content when (if?) Pete returns.

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What is Saturday Night Lives?

Saturday Night Live, or SNL for short, is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show. It has been hosted by various comedians since its inception in 1975. The current host of Saturday Night Live is Pete Davidson (SNL cast member).

Who is Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson was born on June 23, 1993, in Beverly Hills. He is a comedian and actor who is best known for his role as an SNL cast member (2012-present). Pete has also been featured in the film Trainwreck (2015) which he had starred with actress Amy Schumer.

Recent News about SNL

Pete Davidson recently announced that Pete would be taking some time off from comedy because of work-life balance issues–and it looks like this might be for the better since Pete needs a break from comedy anyways, so Pete doesn’t get burned out! It’s great, though when comedians need breaks; they return refreshed with new comedic content! Hopefully, Pete will return to SNL with Pete’s fresh perspective and Pete’s new jokes.

What does Pete Davidson have to say about his absence?

I’ve taken some time off, but it doesn’t matter because Pete needs a break anyway! It’s great that comedians do this–they come back refreshed with new comedy material! Hopefully, Pete will get the chance to make us laugh again on Saturday Night Live.


Pete is not sure if he’ll be returning soon: “I don’t know,” said Pete in an interview last month. “There are too many factors involved.” Well, all we can hope is that when he returns from hiatus, Pete has lots of funny content up his sleeve, so you can Pete-laugh all the way home.

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Comedians taking time off between seasons and coming back refreshed seems to be a common practice these days! Hopefully, this means Pete will return to Saturday Night Live renewed and ready for anything–especially more laughs! We’re counting on it, Pete!

It doesn’t matter because even though comedians get some time off, Pete’s not going to give up on being funny.

“I will always find time for comedy because that is what I want to do.”


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