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Kyra Sedgwick’s New Romance film “Space Oddity”!


Kyra Sedgwick’s new romance film “Space Oddity” is coming to theatres this summer! Kyra stars as a woman who falls in love with an astronaut while he is on his mission. The movie features Kyra’s real-life husband, Kevin Bacon, and her daughter Sosie Bacon. Kyra said that she was drawn to the script because it reminded her of old Hollywood romances like Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue movies from the 1960s!

About the movie “Space Oddity.”

Kyra and her family have been working in Hollywood for years – Kyra’s daughter Sosie Bacon is also an actress! Kyra said it was a joy to work with both of them on this project. “To be able to see my husband on screen again, as well as my kids,” she said, “That feels like a really nice gift.”

Kyra has played some very different characters over the years but told us that this role felt more like herself: “I do feel like I’m playing myself at times.” It sounds fun, though because Kyra added, “…and then there are other moments where you’re just crying your eyes out!”

What soundtracks are to be used in the movie?

The soundtrack for “Space Oddity” includes songs by David Bowie. Many people know him as Ziggy Stardust or Major Tom (from 2001: A Space Odyssey). Kyra said she has always been a big fan of his music. And knew it would be perfect for the movie.


Star Cast for the new Space Oddity

Kyra Sedgwick has been cast as Kyra Davis; she plays a character named Kyra Davi,s who falls in love with Corey Large’s character, Alex. Kyra’s co-star Corey Large plays the character of Ale,x who is a charismatic rock star. Kyra said it was both challenging and exciting to play Kyra Davis for the new movie “Space Oddity.” In addition to Kyra, the cast of their first movie also includes Corey Feldman and Daniel Baldwin.

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Kyra’s co-star is Corey Larg,e who plays her new love interest in the movie. We asked them what it was like to film such a romantic story. Kyra said it was “super fu,n” and Corey added that Kyra made the whole process an enjoyable experience:

We had worked together on another project before,e so I already knew how much she cared for her roles and what kind of work ethic she has—I felt very excited! It sounded funny but something we could really go deep into emotionally; I loved the concept behind Space Oddity!

Kyra also noted that they were brought up with similar backgrounds. Both their parents are educators (so they both know what it feels like to be the kid with a parent who’s an educator). Kyra also notes that they’re from similar backgrounds in terms of their approach to acting. They are both more performance-based actors where “doing stuff, doing things” comes first and then figuring out how it all fits together later.


Bonding between the co-stars

Kyra said: Corey is very physical as well – we bounce ideas off each other really nicely because he will do something and I’ll say hey you should try this!

Kyra Sedgwick: “He has an easy laugh.”

Actress and director Kyra Sedgwick to film 'Space Oddity' in R.I. - The Boston Globe

Source: The Boston

Corey Reynolds: “She knows what she wants when you work with her.” Kyra Sedgwick’s new romance film, Space Oddity wrapped up filming earlier this year! Kyra stars as Dr Eliza Brenneman in the space thriller alongside newcomer Corey Reynolds (Knife Fight). The two had instant chemistry on set; comments like these were common throughout production: “I felt really lucky to be working with him because Kyra Sedgwick; is really good. And he’s a really nice guy too.

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Space Oddity Release Date Speculations

Their film Space Oddity is set for release in September 2022. However, there has been no official announcements related to the Release Date. Kyra’s Interview with the Hollywood Reporter is a good indication that they are releasing it in September 2022, and we will have to wait for more announcements from Kyra or their team about the release date of Space Oddity.

Are there any plot speculations for the new Space Oddity movie?

Kyra Sedgwick’s new film Space Oddity is a romantic comedy and Kyra has hinted that there might be some twists in the plot. Kyra said: “I can’t say too much, but I will say it does have many surprises.”


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