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Everything about Netflix’s “Master of the Universe”

Master of Revelation Netflix

Netflix recently announced a new animation series called Master of the Universe. The show is about an evil Skeletor-like character who has to fight He-Man to take over Eternia and rule it as his own.

About the New Season

  • Master of the Universe is an animation series that will be released on Netflix later this year. The animation features characters from He-Man and She-Ra, which was a popular animated show in the 80s.
  • New episodes are set to release every week until 2020. This is because he wants to “give it his all.”
  • Skeletor, who has been dubbed as “the evilest man alive” by Masters of the Universe’s official Twitter account, intends to take over Eternia with help from other villains like Hordak and Beastman. They have planned for months before taking over Earth (Eternian).
  • Skeletor is the main villain of this animation series, and he’s a nightmare version of She-Ra’s arch-nemesis. We’ve never seen someone like him before!
  • New episodes are set to release every week until 2020 because Eternia needs He-Man at its fullest potential.”

Plot Summary

  • She is accompanied by her twin sister, Princess Adora. He-Man’s arch-enemy Skeletor has taken over Earth (Eternian), and he will stop at nothing to take over Eternia.
  • The animation series follows the story of Adam as he tries to defeat evil with help from his friends.
  • Skeleto,r who was once a human, turned into an immortal ghost bent on taking revenge against all those that had wronged him in life.

Plot Summary Continued: Adam can’t do it alone, so She-Ra goes back in time where she meets Hordak and Beastman. After fighting them, she decides to go back home for more training before returning to defeat Hordak.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation': He-Man Revealed in First Look -  Variety


Skeletor planned to use the Constellation of Death to destroy all life, but he underestimated Adam, and he never got that opportunity.

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He-man is a prince from planet Eternia who was taken by Skeletor and turned into his slave. He-Man’s father, King Randor was killed by Skeletor and his mother, Queen Marlena, became the new ruler. Skeletor took over all of Eternia with help from Beastman, Hordak, Battle Cat, to name a few. Then He-man finds out that he has an older brother named Prince Adam, who is just as brave as he is but can’t fight like him because he doesn’t have any power. Adam learns how to use two swords for fighting instead of one, so he can be more like his brother. When they get back home, everyone celebrates their return, including She-ra and Adora, which gives them hope in defeating evil once again until Skeletor takes over the castle of Eternia, captures their family and friends.


Chris Wood voices the He-man. Mark Hamil in full joker mod is the Skeletor. Sarah Michelle Gellar is Teela. Liam Cunningham, Lena Headey, Diedrich Bader, Alicia Silverstone, Stephen Root, Griffin Newman, Kevin Conroy, among others,s also lend voices.

Release Date

Master of Universe: Revelation will premiere on Netflix on July 23, 2021.


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