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Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis: Everything We Know About It


Krapopolis is an animated comedy show that was created by Dan Harmon. The show tells the story of ancient Greece in animated form and has many different references to modern society and pop culture. The animated series can be described as an animated-comedy version of Rick and Morty’s adventure through space. This blog post is about Krapopolis’ first season, so spoilers are ahead!

The animated series follows the journey of a group of people who are trying to escape from ancient Greece. Create (voiced by Dan Harmon) is the main protagonist and an average Joe with no superpowers or otherworldly skills, but he does have wit and cunningness in order to help him on his adventure.

“Krapopolis” is animated in the style of ancient Greece and has a lot of references to modern society. There are many different characters in Krapopolis, but there is one who stands out: Kreatus.

Kratos is voiced by Dan Harmon himself!

Plot Summary

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In ancient Greece, people live in a land called Krapopolis. It’s an animated comedy with Rick and Morty-like references which follow the journey of some characters who are trying to escape from this world.

It is very similar to animated series like Adventure Time or BoJack Horseman because it has its own weirdness but also has social commentary.


Kreatus, a character in Krapopolis voiced by Dan Harmon himself, is an interesting one to follow because he’s the antagonist but also has his own problems and story that we see develop throughout this animated series.

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In ancient Greece, people live in a land called Krapopolis, where they are being oppressed by their ruler, King Dromos, who wants them to worship him as king. The only person with any sense of rebellion against him is his son Prince Dosperiux who hates living under the rule of his father and wants to escape from there someday soon. There’s also another protagonist named Princess Patria, whose best friend was killed for trying to rebel against Dromos’ authority during a celebration event. She’s sworn to avenge her death.

Princess Patria and Prince Dosperiux have been planning their escape for quite some time now, but they keep getting thwarted by the guards sent out by King Dromos who want them captured, killed, or worse still – married off instead of escaping with each other. The princess is wise enough not to be tempted into marrying someone else because she knows that would mean abandoning Dosperiux forever if he doesn’t get caught as well and marry another person chosen for him.

Release Date

No update on the release date!


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