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Apple TV Series “Tehran season 2” cast and characters guide!

Tehran Season 2

“Tehran season 2” is the latest series to be released by Apple TV, and it’s already receiving rave reviews. The Tehran season 2 cast, which includes Glenn Close as the President of Iran, is playing their roles quite well. Tehran season 2 follows a group of people living in Tehran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution that overthrew Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and established the Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. This article will give you a rundown of all of Tehran Season 2’s characters!

Tehran Season 2 Release Date Speculations

Apple TV Tehran Season is set to be released in 2021! Tehran season two release date speculation has been very exciting for the show’s loyal fans. The second series premiered in America on Sunday night and generated a lot of buzz with critics praising Glenn Close as an “Oscar-caliber” performance. If you’re not up to speed with Tehran’s previous episode (or if it was just too much back story), we’ll go over some key characters from Tehran season one so that you can get your head around who everyone is this time around!

Main Characters in the series

President Rouhani: Khameini’s predecessor, Hassan Rouhani, was elected president of Iran in 2013. He ran again against Ebrahim Raisi after being reelected in 2017. Tehran Season One shows the President between his first and second terms in office, where he is faced with a difficult decision of how to take care of Iran’s failing economy.

Khameini: This man (Ayatollah Khomeini) has come out from exile to rule Tehran again after decades away as Supreme Leader! His central focus was on reconstruction and restoring Tehran’s position within the region but also had an impact internally too. He wanted Tehran season two to show Iranians that anything could happen during this time period if they came together united by their common enemy – America.


Ebrahim Raisi: A politician who supports more conservative policies than current Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, has been nominated for election as president of Iran by the Assembly of Experts in Tehran season two.

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Star Cast of Tehran Season 2

Glenn Close, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ebrahim Raisi.

Elham Aalami (played by Shaghayegh Esmaeili) – She’s always been proud of being Muslim but has had her doubts about whether she wants to wear a hijab or not. However, since Tehran Season One, Tehran season two has been filmed in Tehran, Iran and New York City.

In this season, we get introduced to some more characters as well as reacquainted with others like Amir (Shahab Moghaddam) and his family members – including his sister Farzaneh (Narges Rashidi).


Is Glenn Close a part of Tehran Season 2?

Glenn Close will play the role of Madam Khomeini in Tehran Season Two. She is Ayatollah Khomeini’s wife and a powerful woman who plays an influential role on her husband as he carries out his presidential duties.

She has been nominated for five Academy Awards, two Tony Awards, four Golden Globe awards. And also won an Emmy award! Her other notable characters; include Joanna Kramer from Fatal Attraction, Patty Hearst from The Hearsts: An American Dynasty, Queen Xanxia from Kull the Conqueror. Glenn Close was born on March 19t,h 1947 in Greenwich Village, New York City. To teacher parents John Bancroft Close and Dorothy (Johns) Coneybeer-Close.

Tehran Season 2 Plot Synopsis

The opening scene for Tehran is at night when it’s raining heavily, which signifies an uncertain future ahead. As seen through the eyes of our protagonist, who must embark on their journey alone; to find happiness again whilst others; are left behind mourning. What they once had – all set against Tehran’s dark sky during these turbulent times.

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Tehran II would be about how Tehran is shaped by Tehran.


It will be a journey about the Tehrani people – how they live and cope with oppressive times. Still managing to find joy in their lives, love, and humanity, amongst all the chaos that surrounds them. Tehran II would interweave stories of individuals; who both defy and conform to what society in Tehran; expects from them, which makes it one of a kind. In its portrayal of human life under constant change.

Tehran Season 1 Ratings

Te Tehran Season One Ratings are a must-read for Apple TV Series viewers. The first season of Tehran is now available to stream on the platform and has been met with rave reviews from fans, critics, and newcomers alike. Tehran I took an in-depth look at life through the eyes of its protagonist, who must embark on their journey alone to find happiness again whilst others are left behind mourning what they once had – all set against Tehran’s dark sky during these turbulent times.

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