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James Gunn update on John Cena Peacemaker Series!

James Gunn

The James Gunn update on the John Cena peacemaker series is that James Gunn has been busy working on it, as we all know. James posted a photo of himself with actor and wrestler John Cena on his Instagram story. James also mentioned in an interview how he wants to make this movie for children who are bullied at school but stresses that it isn’t just for kids. This article will go into more detail about what James told us!

Updates on Peacemaker Series Starring John Cena

James first said: “I want to do something; I would like my son Max to see.” He continues by saying “He was bullied; quite a bit. When he went through middle school”. Which inspired him to create Peacemakers; because not only does He want bullying victims to have a hero. He also wants his son to see someone; who is like him on the screen. He has been working hard; with John Cena. And other cast members; for this project. Because James wants it to be perfect; so Max can enjoy it too! James doesn’t just make family films though: “I wanna do something that appeals not only to kids but everybody.”

James Gunn Talks About Peacemaker Series in Interview

In an interview about James Gunn, we learned more about how he plans on making the film. He intends for it to appeal to both children and adults which will take time due to all of the CGI involved. A couple of weeks ago, James posted a photo of himself with actor-wrestler John Cena which you might recognize from James Gunn is also really excited about this project because James says that “I’ve never seen John Cena do anything like this. He’s always been a good guy character and he has come up with some very creative ways to get kids involved in his cause.”

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What is Peacemaker Series about?

Peacemaker is James Gunn’s next project which will be a film series. James has described the movie as “a live-action, PG-13 sci-fi adventure with lots of comedy and heart.” It tells the story of two orphans who are living on an Earth colony in space when it gets invaded by aliens. To save their planet, they must work together with other kids from around the world to get a pacemaker that can stop this invasion. James says he hopes Peacemaker will inspire children everywhere and show them how important it is to love one another no matter what country you’re from or background you have.


What does John Cena think about PeaceMaker Series?

Actor-wrestler John Cena thinks James Gunn’s PeaceMaker Series sounds like a “fantastic idea” and can’t wait to see the finished product. James, who is best known for directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

After James Gunn’s James Gunn update on John Cena Peacemaker Series, it sounds like the two agree that kids should learn about peace and kindness. And James is excited to work with John on this project!

Peacemaker Release Date Speculations

James Gunn hopes that the show will be released early next year, but he doesn’t know for sure when it will come to Netflix. He says it would make sense to release PeaceMaker in January because that is a time of reflection and peace. It could also coincide with Martin Luther King Day depending on how long James expects production to take … James can’t confirm any time frame just yet!

Peacemaker': James Gunn Spills The Beans On John Cena Led 'The Suicide Squad' Spin-Off Show - Entertainment

Source: Mashable

Plot Details for James Gunn’s Peacemaker Series

“The plot focuses on a group of peacemakers who live with their robot caretaker in an Old West ghost town.” In the story, James continues, James Gunn update on the John Cena Peacemaker series will work to keep peace and balance between humans and robots.

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What can we expect from the series?

James says “This is not the James Gunn show. I’m just doing my part to try and keep the peace between humans and robots.” James will be directing some episodes of Peacemaker, but it’s up in the air which ones he’ll helm as production gets closer.


The series also stars John Cena who James Armstrong has a strong bond because they’re both from New Jersey! He wasn’t sure if he would have time for another project like this when working on his wrestling commitments, so James reached out to him personally.

Additional Information

James Gunn and the cast are currently working to finalize a release date.

The director says they’ll have plenty of time for production because it is not starting until next year, but he doesn’t know when exactly it will be released.

James can’t confirm any time frame just yet!


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