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Amy Ryan in “Disappointment Blvd” alongside Patti LuPone and Nathan Lane! Casting Guide.

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Amy Ryan is set to star alongside Patti LuPone and Nathan Lane in the Broadway revival of “Disappointment blvd” as Joan. Amy’s career has been lengthy, with recent roles in films like “The Office,” “Gone Baby Gone,” and HBO’s “In Treatment.” She will be making her Broadway debut for this production. The show will also feature a new book by John Patrick Shanley.

Disappointment Blvd Release Date Speculations

“Disappointment blvd.” is set to premiere on Broadway in the fall of 2022. Amy Ryan, Patti LuPone, and Nathan Lane will star as Joan Beckett. John Patrick Shanley has written a new book for this production that’s expected to be released at some point during the show’s first week on Broadway. The release date has not been confirmed by anyone associated with “disappointment blvd.” If you’re looking for more information about this anticipated musical, follow our blog!

Amy Ryan in Disappointment Blvd

Amy Ryan in Disappointment Blvd alongside Patti LuPone and Nathan Lane! Casting Guide. Amy Ryan – Amy is an American actress who has appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, television, and film with roles such as the lead character Beadie Russell in “The Wire,” Annie Wilkes in “Misery,” and Connie Jameson in “Gone Baby Gone.” She will appear on stage at The Studio Theatre for a limited engagement of John Patrick Shanley’s newest play titled “disappointment blvd.”

Several others have been announced for the play, but Amy Ryan is one of the most exciting to me. I’m hoping she’s playing a role more similar to her character in Gone Baby Gone, where it was gritty and raw. Her performance is worth seeing on Broadway, even if you don’t know anything about theatre! I really hope Amy Ryan plays Connie Jameson from “Gone Baby Gone!” She was amazing in this movie and had an emotional range that always leaves me wanting more. It would be great to see what Amy does with a stage production versus film or television work.”


Who else can we expect to see in the movie “Disappointment Blvd”?

Patti LuPone – she won her first Tony Award playing Eva Perón. And more recently starred in HBO’s Newsroom alongside Jeff Daniels.

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Nathan Lane – He has starred in the Broadway production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award.

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Is there a trailer for the movie yet?

I can’t wait for the trailer; it is said to come out sometime next month if you know anything about theatre! You will want to take your time before heading into Disappointment Blvd as tickets are going fast. So make sure you book them now, so you don’t miss out on the best show of the season…or maybe even year?

Potential Plots for Disappointment Blvd

Amy Ryan is a struggling playwright, with all of her scripts being rejected by the theatre world. One night Amy has an idea. For a new play and she starts writing it furiously; on any scrap of paper; that’s lying around (including receipts from fast food restaurants). She submits this one to her friend who owns the production company, and he decides to produce it! It goes up without warning or advertising at their theatre in Brooklyn…and sells out every show.

A Hollywood producer arrives in town, looking for inspiration. But instead finds himself caught up in his own personal disappointment; when he can’t seem to find anyone; worth producing. This leads him back home, where his estranged daughter lives, which forces them both into some tough conversations about family, expectations, and the reality of life.


The story is told through Amy’s daughter. Who we never see but hear from her as she struggles to find herself and have a meaningful relationship; with her father; while also dealing with his own battle against cancer (which he hasn’t let anyone know about). It goes back to their childhoods, where Amy was always dreaming up stories for them to act out together, which gives us some great scenes between parents and children that are really touching even though they’re not happy moments. Amy discovers early on that there is no happily ever after for this family…you’ll just need tissues because it will break your heart.

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