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Saga of Tanya The Evil Season 2: Announcing Trailer, Tease and Poster

saga of tanaya

The trailer of Saga of Tanya The Evil Season 2 has been a long wait for the second season, but it is finally here. Tanya’s story continues with new adventures, new enemies, and more magic than ever before. There are many changes in this season that we would like to announce, such as the release date, what’s going to happen, who will appear, and how much it will cost. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting news!

The saga of Tanya The Evil Season 2 is about what?

Tanya Degurechaff continues her war in the sequel to Saga of Tanya The Evil, as she fights off enemies from all over the world. Eventually, getting promoted and becoming a major figure among the military elite increases both fame and notoriety for herself. With her continued efforts to fight against fate with every breath she takes, how long will it be before someone or something tries to put an end to that?

A live-action film adaptation was announced on March 27th, 2018, at Tokyo Anime Award Festival by director Kenji Nagasaki (My Hero Academia), with anime studio Madhouse returning from Season one. A teaser trailer was shown along with poster artwork at Comiket 91 later in December 2017. A release date has not been announced yet.

What will be the characters in?

Characters in Saga of Tanya the Evil Season Two:


Tanya Degurechaff (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki) – a girl who was reborn as a child after dying on Earth and is now living with her adopted father. She has overwhelming magical powers, which she uses to try and change fate, even though that usually leads her into trouble.

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Stephen Hartgen (English voice actor not announced yet)Ensign Stephen Hartgen is an officer for the Imperial Army’s military police, “the Emperor’s Own.” He displays unswerving loyalty during his time at Sanshui Military Academy, earning him acclaim from classmates and superiors alike. However, he sees little combat duty before being assigned to

Tanya the Evil is a Japanese light novel series written by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki. The story follows Tanya Degurechaff, an elite military officer of the Imperial Army from Japan who was reincarnated as a little girl after being killed in action during World War II. Her entire life has been spent training to be an evil soldier, and she’s become one with her new identity, regardless of what fate throws at her… She’ll keep on fighting for world domination!

Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 Announced With Teaser Trailer, Poster


The main protagonist, Tanya Dégurechaff (Degreecha or Degree), is introduced as living a normal life in Tokyo, but later learns that all memories up until present time are false due to o amnesia and that her real identity is Tanya Degurechaff (Degree or Degreecha), an elite military officer from Japan. She possesses supernatural abilities due to being born with the power of a “Demon Lord.”


The anime features a schoolgirl who, although appearing to be an ordinary girl in 1920s Japan, is secretly the elite military officer of “Japan’s western front” and has attained supernatural abilities due to being born with the power of a Demon Lord.


Degurechaff (or Degree) Tanya Degurechaff (or Dégura), also known a Devil Lord, is the protagonist of a series set in Asia.

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She was born with supernatural powers because she has inherited a demon lord’s blood from her mother, and that makes her invulnerable to most attacks and grants Tanya other demonic abilities like levitation or pyrokinesis.

By day, Degurechaff (or Degree) appears as an ordinary girl attending school at Shirojitsu Academy; by night, she becomes a powerful class A military officer for “Japan’s Western Army Front,” who wages war against their enemies on the Asian continent. She can switch between these personalities easily when necessary to fool everyone around her.*As the story progresses throughout seasons, one and two-Degurechaf manages not to be discovered as a Class A officer.

However, she is still plagued by daydreams of her classmates being slaughtered or tortured in front of her and has to fight off the constant temptation from demonic forces that try and tempt Degurechaff into joining them.


Degurechaf’s life seems perfect until one night when another demon lord comes down with an army to attack Japan.*At this point, it becomes clear that Tanya has been fighting to protect herself all along-and not for anyone else at home. But what can she do now? The only thing left: defend herself!

Release details:

the production of an anime sequel was announced on June 19, it’s likely to be released in 2022.

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