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Our Flag Means Death: Release Date, Cast and Plot. What We Know So Far

Our Flag Means Death

About the “Our Flag Means Death”?

“Our Flag Means Death” is the latest American horror film. The movie’s plot follows a group of friends who are celebrating their last night together as they go to a cabin in the woods for one final getaway before their lives change forever. What could go wrong?

“Our Flag Means Death” is a forthcoming crime thriller film that will be directed by Richard Ledes. The screenplay for the movie was penned by Sera Muto, and it will star Tessa Thompson, Lupita Nyong’o, Jeffrey Wright, with Regina King in supporting roles.


Tessa Thompson as Detective Petra Delgado

Lupita Nyong’o as the villainous mastermind, Shari Lieberman


Jeffrey Wright as a retired cop named Rick “Hoss” Taylor.

Regina King portrays Karen Carter, another detective in charge of solving these crimes who do not get along without, with Regina King as supporting actors.

Lupita Nyong’o stars in the movie, playing Shari Lieberman. Tessa Thompson will star as Detective Petra Delgado, and Jeffrey Wright is set to play a retired cop named Rick “Hoss” Taylor. Lupita’s character of Shari Lieberman is said to be an intelligent and dangerous person.

HBO Max Orders Period Comedy Series 'Our Flag Means Death' From Taika  Waititi – Deadline



A black-comedy, set in Los Angeles. The movie will follow Detective Petra Delgado on her journey to find this serial killer who’s leaving behind a signature US flag and painting the victims red, white, and blue before killing them. Karen Carter is another detective who does not get along with Delgado but must work together to solve these crimes.

The film starts with an interesting concept of mixing two genres – horror (or thriller) mixed with comedy which many people are speculating could be similar to Get Out, where it didn’t have any real jump scares or anything like that but instead relied more heavily on suspenseful moments for laughs.


After seeing some screenshots of Lupita Nyong’o as Shari Lieberman, a lawyer that might play the key role in bringing to light the differences between police brutality and violence, it does seem like she’s willing to make some tough decisions for her clients.

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In Los Angeles, Detective Petra Delgado will be playing Karen Carter as they try and solve these crimes together while being constantly at odds with one another despite working towards the same goal – catching this serial killer who leaves behind a US flag signature

This movie follows two genres: horror/thriller mixed with comedy where viewers are expecting something similar to Get Out but without any jump scares or anything like that rather than a more serious, in-depth exploration of the themes it’s trying to explore


In the wake of a series of mysterious deaths, LAPD Officer Jay Robinson is assigned to apprehend Leonard Harrelson, an ex-Navy SEA, and husband to his new partner. When they go after him at the airport where he just landed from Iraq for his latest deployment as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he kills two police officers in coordinated attacks. They then go on the hunt for hi,m and he kills two more police officers in a shooting spree before escaping custody.


Leonard is described as “a retired Navy SEAL who served three tours of duty in Iraq” by author David Hagberg. Leonard has been trained to kill from an early age, so his skills are very advanced and make him unpredictable; this means no one can predict what will happen next when he is around as you never know what may set off his temper or trigger another violent outburst as it did with the airport shootings

He’s also said to be emotionally volatile, which leaves people guessing about how they should interact with him – will any sudden movement cause violence? This unpredictability makes it hard for people to feel safe around him.

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After several mishaps, Leonard is finally taken into custody. He’s held in a medical facility where he awaits trial for his crimes. But when a terrorist organization attacks the hospital and takes hostages.

Release details:

The release date is unknown yet but will likely drop sometime next year. Filming has not started yet either, which means we’re probably nearing the end of casting for major roles such as FBI Agent Douglas Young (yet to cast) and LAPD Officer Jay  Robinson (The Office, The Hangover), and Leonard (The Big Lebowski, TV’s Scream Queens).


Filming is supposedly set to start in late 2021. It will premiere on HBO Max in early 2023.

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