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Legacies Season 3 finale has a shocking ending!

Legacies Season 3

Warning: Legacies Season 3 finale spoilers ahead!

The Legacies season 3 finale aired on May 14th, and it did not disappoint. The episode had a shocking ending that left viewers wanting more. It also features some of the best performances from our favourite actors to date. One of the most memorable scenes was when Alaric was forced to kill his daughter, Hope, to save her life after she became possessed by this year’s villainous supernatural being, Eli (played by Matt Davis). This scene is one of many reasons why Legacies is one of CW’s best shows currently airing, and we can’t wait for Legacies season 4!

Legacies Season 3 Ending Explained

The episode opened with Hope, Lizzie, Josie, and Alaric preparing for the ceremony. To create a new magical seal. To keep society safe from all things supernatural.

Elena has some inner turmoil. About whether or not she wanted her teenage daughter; turned into an immortal being. But eventually agrees that it is best for them both. Because of how much death surrounds them right now. They are also then gifted; with the power of seeing all possible futures. Which helps make their decision easier; when they know what will happen; if they don’t do this ritual. Other than just feeling uneasy every time, there’s a demon attack in town.


The Seal was created with all the Legacies’ power. And even Josie’s dark powers which she possesses; from being a vampire; for over 100 years. The seal also creates new Legacies, like Hope, who had been human up until this point. But is now one of them. Because her mother turned her in after they do the ceremony to create the seal and Alaric had become an immortal too, as he promised his daughter before he died.

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The episode closes out with three scenes: one where we see Lizzie telling Hope about what their lives will be like while Elena looks on lovingly; another where Matt joins them in the city.

Is Season 3 the series finale?

We don’t know for sure yet, but Legacies Season finale is the final episode of this season, and showrunner Julie Plec has hinted that Legacies could end with this three-part story. This also leaves a lot open to speculation as we are not entirely certain if there will be another instalment or just one more batch of episodes before it ends. Legacies do seem like an ending on some level because Matt’s death in last week’s episode was his way out from immortality, leaving Lizzie behind too.

Legacies season 3 Release date, cast, episodes and more

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There have been similar dynamics throughout the seasons where characters had to make sacrifices such as giving up their power when they became hybrids to save themselves rather than sacrificing themself altogether – which would happen if Ric died during she says Legacies is an eye-opening show.

The last scene of the episode was a tear-jerkier because Hope’s daughter Freya gets her power back, and they don’t know what to do with it or how she will handle becoming immortal in just a few weeks.


Meanwhile, Klaus returns from eternal life on his own planet where he believes that he has found peace but feels compelled to go back home when he hears about all these changes happening at Legacies, as well as not being able to see Stefan da Vampire, who still loves him even after everything they’ve been through together. He finds Elena too much for himself, so there are moments when you think this could be it for Klaus if he doesn’t find some way out soon.

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Plot Summary

In Legacies season three’s finale, Elena and Lizzie have a hard decision to make. They are in charge of the ceremony that will create a new seal for all things supernatural, but there is some inner turmoil around it as they discuss what would happen if something were to go wrong with their daughter being turned into an immortal being. It was also revealed at this point that Legacies had been renewed for another season!

Hope opened up about her own experience when she became one of these beings years ago because her family needed protection from vampires. She says there were good days where everything felt normal and bad days where she didn’t know how to handle herself or other people on campus who become scared by just looking at them.

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