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Cat Person movie: Release Date Speculations, New Star Cast Rumours, Plot Details and Theme!

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The Cat Person movie is one of the most anticipated movies in recent years, and with good reason! There are still many unanswered questions about Cat Person, such as when it will be released, who will star in Cat Person, and what Cat Person’s plot is. The director has given some clues to what Cat Person might entail, but they’ve been vague so far, leaving us all guessing at what this film could be about. This article discusses everything we know so far about Cat person, including new rumours that have surfaced recently on a potential release date for Cat person along with hints on who may star in Cat person and more!

Release Date Speculations for Cat Person

The Cat Person movie release date speculation seems to indicate that it won’t come out until 2021 or 2022 because there are no known plans for production coming up anytime soon. Cat person may not even go into production if Tara Wallace cannot find someone to produce her script before September 30th, which would then make Cat Person ineligible for an Oscar nomination according to Academy rules.

Cat Person': Emilia Jones & Nicholas Braun To Star In Thriller – Deadline


The movie has yet to release a confirmed date, but according to IMDB, it will air sometime next year. Cat person is also being written and directed by Tara Wallace, who was the writer of Scream Queens, so this promises great things for Cat Person!

The Cat Person Plot

Cat person’s plot seems like it could have some serious potential. The movie is going to follow Margot, an 18-year old girl, on her first day at college as she falls into a catfishing relationship with a guy named ‘Richard.’ We can assume that Richard knows how young Margot actually is because they flirt back and forth over phone calls before meeting up physically when he offers her weed.

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What will the movie about?

Cat person’s director has been vague about Cat Person. So far, and from what they’ve said, it seems Cat Person will be a comedy.


This blog post is going to be about Cat person, the upcoming film directed by Tara Wallace. Cat person will be a comedy; based on Margot’s (the female lead) experiences. With an older man named Robert, who she meets while working at a library in Brooklyn. Cat Person tells the story of how it felt for Margot. When they first meet and then later date online. Before meeting up face-to-face; where things go sour quickly. Because he doesn’t seem interested in her anymore, despite what they had been talking about, over text message beforehand.

Who might star in Cat person?

No one knows who may star as of yet. Because no cast members have officially confirmed; their involvement. With the movie. However, many people speculate that Emma Roberts would make an excellent choice to play Margot since she starred in the TV series Scream Queens which was also written by Tara Wallace. Liam Hemsworth has also been suggested as a potential Cat person star, and since Cat Person is being made by the same production company, it’s possible.

Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun confirmed for the short film Cat Person.

Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun have confirmed their involvement in Cat Person. They will be starring as a younger version of Margot, with Braun playing the character John for most of his scenes. Cat person is being directed by Kristen Stewart’s sister Chloe who has been working on it since last year.


What are people saying about Cat Person?

Many have said that Cat person will be both disturbing and funny at times with its depiction of dating in modern society. The story seems to tackle different perspectives on relationships, from how our generation views sex to what happens when we meet someone who may not like us back but rather just tolerates us for their own reasons such as boredom or parental pressure. In general, Cat Person stands out because it tackles these topics head-on without sparing any details, which makes it feel more real than other movies that gloss over certain aspects of love life today. After all, they’re either too awkward or difficult.

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Will the short film involving Nicholas Braun be worth watching?

Cat Person movie has received mixed reviews from Cat person author Kristen Roupenian.

It is about a woman who meets an older man online and begins to date him but finds the relationship difficult as she doesn’t find him physically attractive.

Cat Person Movie will be available at your nearest cinema soon! We’ll keep you updated.


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