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What to expect from Luca 2? Coming Or Not?

Luca 2

Warning: this is not your typical romance story. The romance in Luca 2 will make you laugh, cry and scream. It’s a coming-of-age drama that explores the fear of being let go from the only life you know. As with any great romance, there are twists and turns, but I promise it’ll be worth it!

About Luca

Luca had never really been a romance guy. Sure, he liked romance movies and read romance novels like they were candy, but that was just because it made him feel good about himself to watch other people fall in love. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gone on an actual date. But then along came this girl, this girl who he couldn’t get out of his mind, and suddenly romance wasn’t so bad after all.


Luca has it all. His life is perfect, and he’s been promised a future in the family business of real estate development. But when Luca gets fired from his job one morning for no reason at all, what was supposed to be the best day ever turns out to be just another average day after all.

When Luca realizes he can’t pay his bills or keep a roof over his head, he turns to the one person who always seems to be there for him. The only problem is that romance and love have never been in Luca’s game plan before.


Luca soon realizes how much life really has to offer-especially when it comes from someone you least expect.

This romance is a thriller about love, trust, and the possibility of everything going wrong. How will Luca’s perfect life turn out? Find out in this romantic drama!

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Luca Cast and Character Guide

Luca’s ending scene reveals that the title character will begin a new adventure while attending school. However, this means that not only Luca to leave his aquatic community but will also Alberto, who decides to stay in Portorosso to assist his new boss, Giulia’s father Massimo Marcovaldo (Marco Barricelli).

Release Date

Luca 2 Updates: Release Date, Story, Will It Happen?

Source: Screen

Pixar originally announced Luca in July 2020 and released the film less than a year later. Moving forward, fans can expect a sequel to release by 2024 at the earliest. It’s certainly plausible that producers could prioritize 2023 as a potential release date for Luca 2. However, that’s unlikely given the scope of production and the overall animation process. As of now, it has three films scheduled through 2023. Luca 2 will sometime release in 2024 and between 2026.

Luca 2: Voice Cast

If Luca 2 happens, the entire voice cast will most likely return. Tremblay and Grazer would reprise their roles as Luca and Alberto, while Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan might have reduced roles as Luca’s parents, along with Sacha Baron Cohen as uncle Ugo.


Story Details

  • Sandra Bullock’s role would be reduced
  • the romance between Luca and Alberto could change
  • Luca would not be in Italy.
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