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Dwayne Johnson reveals “Black Adam’s” filming is almost complete!

Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has been teasing his fans for a while now about the upcoming DCEU film, “Black Adam.” The actor finally revealed that the filming of the movie is almost complete! Dwayne took to social media to share an image with his co-star and producer, Dany Garcia. In this post, Dwayne said he was excited about what’s in store for their project. He also thanked Dany Garcia for her dedication and hard work on this movie.

Black Adam Release Date Confirmation

Dwayne Johnson confirmed in an Instagram post he shared that the DCEU film Black Adam is almost complete. Dany Garcia, who’s also a producer of the movie, expressed her excitement for what they have to offer their fans and thanked Dwayne for his dedication as well!

The movie was initially set to release on 22nd December 2021. However, with the pandemic in effect, the release date had to be shifted to next year. Now, the movie has a confirmed release date of 29th July 2022.

Black Adam Star Cast

We hope you are just as excited as we are for this movie! The cast includes Will Smith (Deadshot), Michael B Jordan (Erik Killmonger), and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Kahina), who are confirmed to play in DCEU’s Black Adam.


In addition, the movie will also feature other stars like Salma Hayek and Rachael Taylor as well! The story is set in outer space where Dwayne Johnson’s character has his own army of soldiers called “Children of Adam” while he fights against Kahina’s servant Seti.

Plot Details for Black Adam

The plot begins with Dwayne playing a newly awakened ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Teth-Adam or simply ‘Black Adam.’ He wakes up after being entombed for centuries by an unknown enemy because they feared him acquiring power over Shazam.

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He now sets out on a quest for Dwayne Johnson, who is the producer and actor of DCEU’s Black Adam also shared on his social media account that he has already finished filming a major part of the “Black Adam” movie.

What can we expect from the movie?

Many DCEU fans are eagerly waiting to see Dwayne Johnson’s Dark Adam in his own movie. And according to the actor himself, filming for “Black Adam” is almost complete. We can expect Black Adam to come back with new powers. Including a whip, which he never had before as Shazam. Black adam will also be more villainous; than ever because of what happened while he was asleep: World War III, etc.


What do we know about the villain of Black Adam?

We don’t know much about the villain in the “Black Adam” movie. But Dwayne Johnson has shared that he already finished; filming a major part of the upcoming DC Comics superhero film. What we do know is that D’arcy and his sister Sivanna; will lead an army against humanity. After World War III turns into Armageddon, D’arcy will also have a whip, which was never seen before as Shazam and Black adam being more villains than ever because of what happened while they were asleep.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, D’arcy revealed how his character would be more villainous than Shazam in “Black Adam.” He also said that Black Adam isn’t just going to use brute force and violence like other villains do because it would seem too generic for him. His sister Sivanna is supposed to lead the army against humanity after World War III turns into Armageddon, and D’arcy will have a whip which was never seen before as Shazam and Black adam being more villains than ever.

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Is there a trailer for the movie yet?

No, but Dwayne Johnson has shared that he already finished filming a major part of the upcoming DC Comics superhero film.

Black Adam Filming Begins This Week, Reveals Dwayne Johnson


Latest Updates on the movie

This Dwayne Johnson just confirmed that the new movie would be worth watching.

Dwayne came back to Instagram after a brief hiatus and revealed some exciting news about Black Adam’s filming, saying it was almost complete! D’arcy also said his character wouldn’t use brute force like other villains do because he wants to make him unique from Shazam. The actor teased what fans could expect in the upcoming film with CinemaBlend, but we’ll have to wait until 2021 for an official trailer and release date announcement.


No one knows whether or not this superhero flick is going break records at theatres like Dwayne Johnson has always done before––but there are plenty of reasons why you should still check out “Black Adam.”

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