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Dad! Stop Embarrassing Me: Season 2 Renewed Or NOT

Dont Embress Me Season 2

Some television shows are better than others. Some television shows, like Dad! Stop embarrassing me: Season 2 has the ability to make you laugh and cry all at once. With new episodes airing tonight on Comedy Central and a whole new season coming up next year, this show is a must-watch for those who love television comedy.

About Dad! Stop Embarrassing Me”

  • Dad! Stop embarrassing me: Season is a television comedy series on Comedy Central that has the ability to make you laugh and cry all at once.
  • This show, which airs new episodes tonight and season two next year, is worth watching for those who love television comedies.
  • The best part of this sitcom? It’s not the only one who has to deal with an embarrassing father.
  • Dad! Stop Embarrassing Me: Season is a television comedy series on Comedy Central that had me splitting my sides and welling up at the same time, all thanks to Bobby showing his son just how much he loves him in every episode.
  • The show is not only funny, but it’s also heartwarming and poignant.
  • So if you’re looking for some television comedies with fathers who embarrass their sons, then this one is worth watching.
  • Each episode of Dad! Stop Embarrassing Me: The season revolves around the main character Bobby trying to show his son how much he loves him in every way possible, from embarrassing moments like singing at school or teaching a class while wearing only underwear on television to more heartwarming and poignant moments that showcase Bobby’s love for his son.
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Plot Summary of the new Season

Bobby’s son is turning into a teenager, and he doesn’t want Bobby to embarrass him anymore. This season, you’ll see Bobby try new ways of showing his love for his son while also trying not to embarrass him too much.

The show always ends with the main character being embarrassed by something that went wrong in this episode.

Bobby will always try to find a way of showing Bobby his love in every episode.

All the episodes have their own story and are connected by one character’s relationship with another, like father-son or best friends, etc. Season two has new actors and actresses such as Alex Lundy, who plays Brenton’s dad John Roberts, and Catriona Wightman who plays Bobby’s love interest, Julia.


New Season of Dad! Stop Embarrassing Me

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!' Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date  - What's on Netflix

Source: What’s On

Bobby loves his son very much but is embarrassed by him sometimes too. In this season, you’ll see how he tries to show his son that he has a great relationship with him while still being embarrassed by him sometimes.

The season starts with Bobby being embarrassed for his son’s new play that he wrote, which is a love story between two people who are not allowed to be together because they’re of different races and cultures. The audience laughs at the play while Brenton tries to recover from them, saying, “No one likes my writing.”

Bobby is embarrassed about his son’s play, even more when he sees that it was inspired by a Korean television drama. The show also covers how Bobby sometimes tries to help Brenton get rid of his embarrassing habits, and they do this through what Bobby calls “the five-step plan.” When the steps don’t work as well as they wanted them to, Bobby takes some advice from John Roberts (Alex Lundy), who plays one of Brenton’s dads and starts coaching him in soccer.

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In the last episode, you’ll see how things come full circle for both father and son with their love story since Ronni comes back into Brenton’s life after she went on tour with her band.


  • Bobby Moynihan
  • Alex Lundy
  • Ronni Hawk
  • Brenton Thwaites

Guest Cast

  • Biz Stone (Announcer)

Release Date

We are not accepting the new season to be aired before 2022.

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