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Riverdale season 6: Release Date Schedule, Plot Synopsis, Casting Updates, Rumours, Theme and Spin-Off Speculations!

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Riverdale season 6 is just around the corner. Riverdale fans are getting more and more excited about what will happen next in Riverdale, especially after Riverdale’s season 5 finale. After all, Archie and Hiram were arrested for their roles in the murder of Cassidy Bullock! Who knows how they’ll get out of this one? In anticipation for Riverdale season 6, here is everything you need to know about Riverdale season 6: release date schedule, plot synopsis, casting updates, rumours and spin-offs!

Riverdale Season 6 Scheduled to Release in 2021!

The Riverdale season finale left fans wondering what will happen next for Archie and Hiram. It was revealed that the duo was responsible for Cassidy Bullock’s death, as well as dealing with other nasty crimes in Riverdale. Fans are eager to know how Riverdale is going to deal with this latest twist! Before they find out, Riverdale Season six has been announced by The CW on Jan 15th, 2020!

The show will air its sixth season on Netflix on November 16th, 2021.

Archie Andrews’ Fate Revealed: SPOILER ALERT!

It appears that Archie isn’t looking too good after being arrested at the end of Riverdale Season five. He had one more day until his 18th birthday, which means his parents would have regained their rights over him again – freeing Archie from the clutches of the Riverdale gang.


Plot Synopsis for Riverdale Season 6

The series will pick up from where season five left off, with Archie and his friends being charged for murder in connection to Clifford Blossom’s death. To clear their names, they’ll have to venture into a shadowy place that even some members Riverdalers fear – Greendale forest! The question is, can Riverdale residents ever truly be free? And what shocking secrets are hidden deep within the woods?

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There will also be new relationships explored between characters who were once enemies or strangers. Now on opposite sides of right and wrong, how long until these alluring temptations prove too much for our heroes? Riverdale season six will explore the answer to this question.

Are there any spin-off leaks for the season?

There are rumours of a Riverdale spin-off show following the character Josie McCoy. This would be set in New York and would ‘follow her adventures as she pursues a career.’ There is also talk about whether Riverdale could become like Game of Thrones with different series exploring other characters’ lives.

What will happen to Riverdale at the end of season six?

It’s hard to say! Riverdale has learned not to trust anyone or anything. After so many twists, turns, and betrayals; that they’ve experienced over the past five seasons. We’ll just have to wait until October; for Season Six to premiere on Netflix; around the world before we know what happens next!


The final episode sees Archie dealing with his father and Hiram’s return. He has to decide whether he should side with his father or follow the Riverdale gang as they take on Riverdale High School, which is now a private school run by Hiram Lodge and Principal Hawthorne.

Riverdale Season 6 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Plot and Filming Updates

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The final episode of season six will also see Veronica dealing with her parent’s divorce, Cheryl grappling with some big decisions concerning Jason, Betty wrestling over who she wants to be – a good girl or a bad girl? And Archie being chased down Hudson River by an unknown assailant before we find out if he manages to escape death!

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Riverdale Season 6 Star Cast

The Riverdale season six cast has been revealed, and it’s quite a star-studded affair. We’ve got Penelope Ann Miller (Frances “Frankie” LaSalle), Johnathan Schaech (Jake Conway) as well as Michael Rovner, who plays Archie’s dad Fred Andrews in flashbacks on Riverdale. Joining the Riverdale family are Jessica Camacho (Dr. Rebecca Williams), Katherine Loughran (Heidi Van Horne), Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge), and Tiera Skovbye of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fame to play Polly Cooper – Josie McCoy’s sister Betty Cooper’s long lost twin sister whose story was teased from time to time throughout Riverdale season 6.

Reasons Riverdale Season Six is worth waiting for

Riverdale season six will be the show’s final season.

Riverdale has a diverse cast of characters from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc, which means many stories and plots can be explored in Riverdale Season Six.


The theme song says, “You’re Going To Love This Place.” There could be new places introduced like an amusement park or beach/seaside location. Riverdales sixth series might have some lighter moments as well – maybe they’ll get to go on holiday? We won’t know until we find out more!

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