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Netflix’s the Rational Life – Here we know everything about it!

The Rational Life

The Rational Life is a new Netflix original drama that has the entire nation hooked! There’s more to this show than meets the eye, though. Read on for spoilers and reviews of America’s newest addiction from our very own resident expert, Jillian.

“The Rational Life ” is about what?

The Rational Life is about a group of young adults who are just figuring out adulthood. The drama explores the challenges they face along their journeys, such as relationships and mental health struggles.

This season we meet new characters like Ava (played by Melora Hardin), who’s trying to put her life back together after she was falsely accused of murdering her best friend, and Jude (played by Michael Malarkey), who is trying to keep his family together after the death of his father.

This season also has a lot more relationship drama than the first, with romantic relationships high on this list, including Anna’s boyfriend Derrick (played by Justin Hartley), as well as Ava’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kai (played by Tony Okungbowa).


The season also has a lot of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat, including new relationships like Ava’s love interest Jude.

As well as Anna facing more tough decisions about what to do next in her life.”


The cast consists of Anna Friel (Ava), Micheal Malarkey (Jude), Justin Hartley(Derrick), and Tony Okungbowa(Kai.) They are all actors on Netflix’s Rational Life TV show that focuses on people in America dealing with addiction. This season also had new cast members, including Micheal Malarkey, who plays Jude on the show.

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A cast is a group of talented actors that help to make this season one of the best so far.


“This season also had new cast members, including Micheal Malarkey who plays Jude on the show.” – Here we know everything about America’s favorite addiction Netflix drama than t first with romantic relationships high up this list includes Anna boyfriend Derrick (played Justin Hartley) as well as Avaa relationship her ex-boyfriend Kai (played Tony Okungbowa). The season also has a lot of twists turns that keep you on the edge of your seat include new relationships like Avaya’s love interest Judea. As well, anna is facing more tough decisions about what to do with her life.


The main plot in the show is the relationship between Anna and her boyfriend, Derrick. Avaa also has many romantic relationships, but at the end of season one, she chooses to be with Kai, who abandons him for America. As well as this, there are lots of twists that keep you on your seat, such as when Avaa meets Jude (Michael Malarkey), who becomes her love interest after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Kai.

A lot more goes on in The Rational Life Season two, which I would recommend watching if you enjoyed this drama.

The Rational Life Season 1: Here is everything we know about the C-drama!


release date:

this series has released in March 2021 in china, but it is internationally expected to release on Friday, 18th June 2021.

What we know more about this series!

The story of the Rational Life is based on a psychologist who, after three decades spent treating patients with mental disorders in New York City, has chosen to abandon his profession. Apparently very good at what he does and yet still suffering from insomnia himself, this character sets out for California hoping that there will be something about the West Coast air which might put an end to his sleeplessness. He also wants to see if it’s really true that people live longer here than they do back east. Along the way, he comes across two teenagers going through their own problems – one who was sexually assaulted by her father and another girl plagued by dreams of being attacked in her sleep. The series focuses on these characters, as well as many others dealing with mental health or addiction issues, and how they don’t always know how to get the help they need.


The protagonist of this series is a psychiatrist who has spent his career treating patients in New York City, but when he finds himself still suffering from insomnia despite being adept at what he does, he quits his job. He moves to California with hopes that West Coast air will cure him and also because people are said to live longer out here than back east (though there’s no evidence for that claim). Along the way, he comes across two teenagers going through their own problems – one girl was sexually assaulted by her father while another had dreams where she would be attacked while sleeping – which ultimately led them both into getting treatment.

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