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Miss Minutes from Loki series to have an interesting journey teases Director!

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Director Samourai of the Loki series has announced that the miss minutes from “Loki” will have an interesting journey. The Director said he would tease his own story but not content. He also revealed a video clip of the cast and released photos of the production process.

Who is Miss Minutes?

Miss Minutes is a character created by Director Samourai of the Loki series. The miss minutes has an interesting journey that will be revealed to us later in the videos, but this does not mean it’s all about her alone. Miss Minutes appears as one of many heroes through which we can see how society and people have changed over time. She also interacts with other characters from different historical periods and various regions around the world, such as India or France, for example.

Through this interaction, she reflects on “a lot” of themes, including colonialism, nationalism, or globalisation, topics often encountered today at school or university courses like history or sociology, for example! Personally, I find it really cool to use a cartoonist style set in modern times because it works as a sort of mirror. The messages we get from the plot and characters are not messages that belong to one single era but have been with us for centuries!

Will we have a series based on Miss Minutes from Loki?

Yes! There will be a new series in 2023, with episodes that are set to come out on the first day of each month. This is an original story scripted by Thierry Voisin (the author) and drawn by Guillaume Bianco-Tasciotti from pixel doll productions. The team has been working on this project for almost three years now, but I can assure you it’ll be worth waiting for: there are loads more fun adventures planned after all those who have followed Miss Minutes until now will surely remember how she ended up meeting her alter ego among other things.


Cast and Crew for the series

Director Samourai, actors Kenji Murai and Kyoko Nagase. The cast also includes actresses Maki Sakurai (Momiji) and Kumi Furukawa (Kazuko). Visual Ryoichi Tsuchiya is the Director of Photography, Hideki Tsujita is the sound engineer, Ryuta Shiri is the music director.

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Production process photos released: a coffee break with the crew in Thailand; costumes for Miss Minutes are being made in Japan; etc.

Video clip of miss minutes from Loki’s series “strikes a pose” revealed by Director at his Twitter account (@samuraishiro): In this video, one gets to see what goes on behind the scenes during filming.

Scenes from Loki involving Miss Minutes

Who Is Loki's Cartoon Clock? Miss Minutes Explained | Screen Rant

Source: Screen

This paragraph is about the production process; of Miss Minutes from the Loki series. And what they are currently doing; in Thailand. It will also give you a glimpse; into how this video was made, as well as what has happened; so far during filming. The crew; went to Thailand for their coffee break. With each other before getting back to work; on making costumes; for miss minutes while at it. This clip reveals; that various people took part in the “strikes a pose” shot, including Director Samourai himself!

This video is entirely filmed by a smartphone. With which Director Samo Ishrio records people who pose for him as he walks around them.


Director Samo Ishrio also shares this video on Twitter (@samuraishiro). He has been teasing that there will be more exciting content coming soon from Loki, so stay tuned!

After filming was complete, they were able to make their way back home before it became too late at night. They are currently working hard day-in and day-out to finish up all the costumes necessary for miss minutes’ big return! As well am looking forward to sharing more clips about what’s going on behind the scenes.

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How important was Miss Minutes in the Loki Series?

Miss Minutes has been a fan favourite since the beginning of Loki’s release. Lately, Miss minutes have been garnering more attention with their new “how to be miss minutes” video series in which they walk and talk viewers through how to get into character! They were also recently announced as being nominated for an award for Best Actor at this year’s Animefest event alongside other popular characters such as Goku from Dragon Ball Z or Naruto Uzumaki from “Naruto.”

How is it like working on Miss Minutes?

Behind every scene that you see when watching the movies, there are many costume changes needed, so we need our actors to prepare mentally before filming starts. I can always tell who really gets into character.


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