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Manifest Season 4 cancelled at NBC! What we know so far.

ManifestSeason 4

NBC has officially canceled; Manifest Season Four, so if you’re a fan of the show, it’s time to start looking elsewhere; for your weekly dose of drama. The series follows; passengers on Flight Eight-Two-Eight who wake up from their flight; with no memory and are shocked to find themselves; in the year 2019. They soon discover; that they’ve been missing for five years, and their loved ones; have moved on with their lives without them. “We’re proud of NBC’s success with Manifest,” he said. “But we need more high-quality shows.”

Manifest Season 4 Renewal Status

The series has already been renewed; for the fourth season on NBC’s sister channel, Bravo, but the show will continue to air in its original slot, of Thursdays at 08:00 pm ET until July 16th, where it’ll be replaced with America’s Got Talent and then Heroes Reborn.

What We Know So Far

Drama fans will be disappointed; by this news, as many were hoping for another season; following a viral first run, which was even more popular; after the show was canceled in its first season.

If you’re looking for something similar to Manifest or just want an escape; into a different world altogether, these TV dramas; might do the trick! Check out some other greaters Marwan, Ali Suliman and Athena Karkanis.


What was Manifest about?

Manifest is about a group of passengers on an airplane who, after experiencing some turbulence, land in New York City. However, when they get outside the airport and onto their families or loved ones waiting for them, it becomes clear that not everyone on board has landed where they were supposed to be. A lot of people have been displaced around the world by time zones! The show deals with how this experience affects these individuals and their lives, as well as what lengths those close to them are willing to go through to find out if there’s any way possible that someone can come back from being lost in space-time…or even worse: dead.

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Why Was Manifest Cancelled?

NBC’s decision to cancel the series was due to its low ratings after airing on Wednesdays at 09:00 pm ET opposite ABC’s Modern Family. The cancellation also meant that no additional episodes would be produced beyond 18 or 19 (depending on how you count).

This article provides a detailed recap of what we know so far about why manifest season four was canceled at NBC, including information about when it aired, ratings, plot points from previous seasons, and more for those who are interested in finding something similar to manifest or just want an escape into a different world altogether!

Star Cast for the show

The cast includes Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Jamey Sheridan, Tyler Ritter, Athena Karkanis, Parveen Kaur, and Luna Blaise, as well as new characters played by Erika Christensen (as Grace Beaumont), Ana Golja (as Bethany Walker), and Ron Livingston.

Manifest' Canceled By NBC After 3 Seasons – Deadline


No New Cast Members For Season Four: NBC has not announced any new cast members for season four as of yet. This may be because the show will only have six episodes in its fourth season instead of twenty-two as it did with seasons one to three – which is still a lot more than many other TV shows out there!

Latest Updates about the show

Manifest Season is canceled at NBC.

The series airs on Thursdays and will be replaced by America’s Got Talent in September.

Canceling the show meant that no additional episodes would be produced beyond 18 or 19 (depending on how you count).

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What other show can you watch in place of Manifest?

If you want more action from Manifest Season Four, check out all these other TV shows that are worth watching!


Life Sentence – Alyssa Milano stars as a woman who finds out she was sentenced to life after being convicted of killing her husband.

The Handmaids Tale – In this dystopian drama based on Margaret Atwood’s book, Elizabeth Moss plays Offred (AKA “Of Fred”), a young woman living in Gilead, who is kept as a concubine.

The Chi – Creator and Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe brings her own coming of age story to the screen with this drama about life inside Chicago’s South Side.

Poldark – Season One takes place three years after Captain Ross Poldark returns from fighting in the American Revolutionary War (1775–83) to his country estate, where he has been reunited with both Elizabeth.


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