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Is It Rumour or Not?: What Happened to Wesley Snipes in John Wick 4?

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The internet has been buzzing with rumors of Wesley Snipes returning as the legendary assassin, but there is no word from the producers or actors. Rumors and leaks have become a staple of Hollywood in recent years, which begs the question: what is going on?

Rumour has it that John Wick 4 will be released in 2022. The film focuses on Wick’s quest for revenge against his former business partners who killed his dog, stole his car, and tried to kill him. And if you’re thinking about reading this article because you want to know what happened to Wesley Snipes in John Wick 4 – we’ve got some bad news for you!

The rumor about ” Wesley Snipes in John Wick 4?”

A lot of people on the internet are talking about Wesley Snipes in John Wick, wondering what happened to him after he was killed by a high-powered piece of machinery. There’s no word from anyone involved with the film or any official announcements yet – it might be time for those fans to find something else to do while they wait!

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Throughout his career as an actor and director, Wesley Snipe has found success in Hollywood through several different films spanning all genres and styles. In fact, his first break came when he starred alongside Denzel Washington in “New Jack City.” And although this isn’t confirmed at this point, there is speculation that both actors will return for New York’s Finest before we see them again in the next installment of John Wick.

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What do you think? what you think happened to Wesley Snipes in John Wick!

In the first John Wick movie, he retired from his previous life as a professional assassin and settled down with his wife. There are no indications that he was tempted back into it or had any interest in doing so. It’s possible that when she died, this pushed him over the edge and drove him to make an exception for one last job. But even if we’re wrong about this being the case, we have evidence that says otherwise (more on that below).


The beauty of Wesley Snipes’ character is how much mystery there is around who he really is: you see glimpses but never learn anything concrete about why he became an international hitman other than what little backstory they provide early on in Chapter 11 of John Wick: Chapter Two.

He’s been in retirement for five years before he comes out of it just to do one last job because his wife died, but there are still a few things that don’t add up about him-namely what happened with John Wick and the “gift” he left him with at the end of Chapter 11: The Continental? But even if we’re wrong about this being the case (we have evidence that says otherwise), Wesley Snipes’ character is enough mystery to keep us enthralled by his every move. He’s someone who does bad things so good people can live their lives without worrying or threatening them.

Is It Rumour or Not?: What Happened to Wesley Snipes in John Wick?

It’s been a long while since Wesly Snipes has last acted on screen, and although there isn’t any confirmed news yet about his involvement in “John Wick” franchise four, some fans are wondering what happened to him following a tough battle with high-powered machinery that he lost!

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Fans speculate that Snipes might have been killed off-screen in the series. After all, he hasn’t appeared on screen since “John Wick: Chapter Two.” This is not a rumor because it was confirmed by director Chad Stahelski who said of the character to Cinema Blend, ‘He doesn’t live past John Wick.’ The following year when speaking with Fandango about his upcoming film “The Coldest City,” Mr. Straightforward himself joked and said that his character could still be alive since “he’s an urban legend at this point!”


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