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Who Killed Sara Season 3- A Gripping Mystery

Who Killed Sara Season 3

When the second season of Who Killed Sara ended, I was left with many unanswered questions. Millions of fans are eagerly waiting to return to devour a new version of the Mexican thriller at No. 1 this week; the Netflix original series is not only popular in its country of origin, Mexico, but has filled a void as the most downloaded non-English show on the site. The third season of this gripping mystery will be arriving soon enough.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Renewal and Release Details:

There is no word yet on the renewal of this show, but they left us with a message during the credits of Season Two’s finale. But rest assured, the series is a Netflix hit once again, and they will likely announce more details of renewal soon.

If a new season is released, it will likely be later this year or in early 2022. Keeping you posted on the release date with updates here.

When Is the 'Who Killed Sara?' Season 3 Release Date?


Who Killed Sara Season 3 Plot Synopsis:

The finale of season 2 ended on a cliffhanger which is proved by José Ignacio Valenzuela, the creator of the series. The finale episode left with another plot twist leaving all the fans of the series with a question… Who Killed Sara?

In the episode’s final scene, Dr. Alanis reveals that Marifer was not truly responsible for Sara’s death. The last scene of Season 2 reveals that Sara was the first patient involved in some psychological study. What we don’t know is what this mysterious project really entails or why she died. Most likely, the plot for Season 3 will center on trying to find out how and why she died.

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