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The live-action Gundam series is coming to Netflix: everything you need to know

Netflix Series

The live-action Gundam series is coming to Netflix! The Japanese anime, which first aired in 1979, has been given a Hollywood makeover and will be released on the popular streaming service. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming show:

What is in “Gundam”?

Netflix has announced that they are producing their own version of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (the newest installment of the long-running franchise), with an original story set during Universal Century 0079. It’s unclear whether or not this new live-action series will air outside of Japan anytime soon. But if you want something similar but more accessible for non-Japanese audiences, try watching Last Flag Flying starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell, and Laurence Fishburne.

Where does it take place?

The series will be set in UC 0079 and follows a group of young pilots known as the White Fang team who wage war against an oppressive Earth Federation. The original anime aired between 1979-1980, so this show could reveal what happened next for these characters during that time period.

Is there a trailer yet?

A teaser was released last year before Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative premiered on Japanese television screens (and Netflix), but no full trailer has been revealed just yet! We’ll have to wait until its release date to find out more about the plot and whether or not any famous actors are taking part in the production. But don’t worry – we’re sure you’re excited to find out more about this revolutionary new series!

New Details Surface on The Live-Action GUNDAM Film and The Pitfalls it Will  Avoid — GeekTyrant

This show is the first live-action Gundam project, so it’s exciting that we’ll finally have a chance to see Earth Federation soldiers in action. The original anime aired between 1979-1980, so this show could reveal what happened next for these characters during that time period. We’re looking forward to seeing how Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative will compare with other adaptations like Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 and Turn A Gundam, which are also worth checking out if you enjoyed the animated originals!

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What does this mean?

This is a brand new take on an old classic – Netflix had done something similar before when they released their adaptation of Death Note last year. If you haven’t seen it yet, Death Note is a series of manga books that were turned into an anime and live-action film. With Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, we’re looking forward to seeing the Earth Federation soldiers in action!

More About the “Gundam”:

This will be Netflix’s first time adapting something from Japan for their global audience. The original creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino (known as “the father of mecha”), collaborated with the production team on this project. He’ll be writing three new OVAs, including one set before 1979 and two after 1980 when he served as director or supervisor – so if you want to see more about what happened next in the storyline during those times, tune in!

This show is being created for a global audience, so the series will be in English with Japanese subtitles.


It’s been announced that the main protagonist, Amuro Ray, will be played by 32-year old actor and martial artist Tatsuya Fujiwara. He has starred in several successful anime series, including Death Note (2007), Battle Royale: Red Requiem (2000), and Blood+ (2005).


Other actors include Yui Yasuno as Sayla Mass, 38-year old Yuu Asakawa as Char Aznable, 39-year old Kazuyuki Okitsu as Bright Noah, and 36-year old Minh Tu Nguyen starring under his stage name Ricardo Drummond as Judau Ashta. They’ll face off against Galbaldy Alpha from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam!

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Release Date:

now, you don’t have to wait for long because The Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy will stream on Netflix starting June 18.

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