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“Final Space” Season 4: Storyline, Release date and many more…

Final Space

Final Space is a space adventure comedy series about the end of the universe. The show has been co-produced by Netflix and TBS, and it was created by Olan Rogers. In season 4, we will find out what happened to Ava (the protagonist) when she left Earth on her mission to save a life in the universe from total annihilation the last time. The new episode will be called “The Beast of Earth,” and it tells us what happened after Ava left earth in season three.

In this final chapter, we finally find out where Ava has been for the past couple of months.


While the Earthlings are being wiped out by a hostile alien organism, Ava travels to other planets in search of an answer. After some time passes and she can’t find any answers, Ava returns to Earth with just one goal: save everyone on her home planet before it’s too late.


“Final Space” features Gary Goodspeed as its main protagonist. Gary is an astronaut who is determined to know the secrets of space. He merges with his alien friend Mooncake. Both friends, with the help of their crewmates, try to find the mysteries of space.

Final Space Season 4: Renewal status and release prediction



Olan Rogers as the voice of Commander Alexnder Aguilar and other various characters; Alena Lecouvreur as the voice of Dr. Zira Qov; Christian Lanz as the voice of Garek III, a resistance fighter on Earth who wants to help save mankind from extinction by taking them all off-planet before it’s too late; Jon Heder as Niko Nei’Anon, the overlord for a violent alien race.

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The Final Space series is created by Olan Rogers and David Sacks.

Final Space Season One premiered on October 14, 2017, with all the following seasons (season two through five) airing in January 2018, April 11th, 2019, September 20th, 2020, respectively. The finale of this show will be aired on November 15th, 2021, on Netflix worldwide.

Season four was announced to be released in June 2020 as a part of their plan for this year’s release.

Many conspiracy theories are surrounding the show. Some of these include that it was created as a joke or to portray how people saw Mars in the late 20th century.


The story follows an astronaut named Gary, who is living with aliens from a planet called Moon. He shares adventures on his spaceship, Astro-Nautilus. He goes on missions to destroy planets inhabited by sentient lifeforms such as humans with an asteroid belt called The Ushers sent to destroy them once and for all. This season would be about trying to find out more about what happened before Earth’s destruction – why they were destroyed at all? What will happen next?

Release Date

Final Space’ season 3 premiered on March 20, 2021. A total of13 episodes were shown in the third season. The runtime for each episode was around 21 minutes. We can expect the new season to air in the year 2022.

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