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Cruella 2: Release Date, Story, Cast And More

Cruella 2

Cruella 2 is a crime adventure film directed by Craig Gillespie, starring Emma Stone as the titular character. The film is set to release on November 16, 2020, in theaters everywhere. With this upcoming movie comes new details about the story and cast.

The story takes place 20 years after Cruella’s first attempt at kidnapping puppies from a kennel. This time around, she wants to take all of the dogs for her fur coat company but will have to get past an undercover cop(Emma Stone).

Cruella is played by Emma Stone, Jasper is Goldie Hawn, the undercover cop is played by Emma Stone, and her partner in crime (also an undercover officer) will be portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

The film also stars Bob Hoskins as one of Cruella’s henchmen who was last seen climbing out a window to escape from police after they raided his house for stolen goods during “the Great Dognapping.”


It seems like there are many new faces with this second installment, but we’ll see how it pans. In addition to all these new cast members, Craig Gillespie continues directing duties since he directed Disney’s live-action “Million Dollar Arm.”


What’s it about? Cruella is still on a quest for world domination when she kidnaps Pongo and his pup Max. Jasper will be seen as an undercover cop investigating those dognappings while Emma Stone’s character pursues a career with Scotland Yard before meeting back up with Hawn’s officer, Goldie Hawn playing an undercover officer looking into that crime of kidnapping dogs for their fur. Needless to say, there are many twists and turns throughout this story.

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Cruella Cast and Characters Guide

Emma Stone playing the role of Jazzy, a smart and ambitious young woman who wants to be a cop. She is very good at her job, but she has trouble making friends with others. Her mother died when she was only five years old, so it’s just been her father, Miles (played by Danny DeVito), and herself in Glasgow, Scotland, ever since then.

Lily James plays the role of Pongo as well as his four pups: Beauty, Brattina, Buttons, and Budderball – all are mixed breed dogs as he spends more time on Earth trying to reunite with their mommy Cruella or looking for any other dog relatives that might know where she is. He feels like he’s found himself a new family with Pongo.


Cruella Henchmen Horace, played by Rufus Hound, and Jasper, played by Ioan Gruffudd, is also in the movie as they work for Cruella and try to find her or any relatives.

Cruella 2 In the Works After Disney+ Success


– Ioan Gruffudd (Jasper), Rufus Hound (Horace), Sam Claflin (Boss), Kieran Bew (Duke)

– Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Cuthbertson

– Stephen Fry as Colonel Tibbles.


Pongo has a lot on his plate, but with help from those around him, he’s able to keep going. He goes through many obstacles like trying not to be taken away at animal control. Pongo comes across some trouble when two Dobermans start bullying him: Boss (played by Sam Claflin), who was raised in the streets, and Duke (played by Kieran Bew). The dogs then end up fighting along the way, which leads them both to get hurt. Boss and Duke are then sentenced to one year of obedience classes because their owner doesn’t want them back.


Release Date

Disney needs to mount the production for the main cast to return. So, a sequel won’t be coming before 2023.

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