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The Invincible Finale: Everything We Know

Invincible Season finale

The finale to Invincible, though sad, was still an excellent episode. More than any other superhero content out there, it contains a lot of emotional scenes. The invincible season finale episode is all about how the show can’t be missed, whether you prefer animated or live-action series. Here’s everything you need to know about the season finale.

The Invincible Season Finale Details:

Invincible’s protagonist, Mark Grayson, is a 16-year-old who resides in Virginia. He has no friends because he can’t seem to get over the fact that his dad abandoned him for outer space when he was only two years old. That abandonment makes it difficult for Mark to form any type of relationship with anyone – even women!

As the series progresses, we see how this lack of relationships affects everything and everyone around him: from his family life to school life. But as time passes in Invincible and other characters change their opinions about Mark (that they thought were set in stone), so does he change too! And after meeting Julie Powers while on an assignment at her school, things start looking up for our hero.

Julie’s bubbly personality and optimistic outlook really start to make Mark feel better about himself. In fact, the two of them grow so close that they get married! But even though it seems like everything is going great for our couple – with a baby on the way – their relationship hits a rock in the road when Julie dies during childbirth due to complications stemming from her cancer diagnosis.


Devastated by this loss, Mark never recovers fully and becomes distant towards those around him as well as his own daughter who he was too scared to love because she reminded him so much of her mother. It isn’t until 20 years later, after a terrible war between Earth and an alien race known as Viltrumites, where Invincible sacrifices himself in order to save humanity from certain destruction, that he’s able to muster up the courage to live on with his daughter.

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In addition, Mark’s father is killed by a Viltrumite, and his mother dies of cancer when he was young – which leads him to become an unconfident hero who doesn’t think much of himself or has any confidence in what he can do as long as there are people stronger than him. He often feels like a burden on those around them but always tries to make the best out of it because even though it might seem bad now, looking back at everything that happened made him realize how important every single thing could be for something else down the line. But then again, this also makes him feel more inclined towards self-loathing.

When Mark finally sees the truth about his father, the episode delivers a series of heavy emotional punches that works amazingly well for this superhero world. In addition to informing us of what Mark thinks as he confronts his father in bed, we see new information in every episode that allows us an inside perspective.

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From the perspective of our protagonist, we see that Omni-Man’s actions finally make sense and have a larger purpose. The show has been building to this point in his larger story. I really wasn’t expecting it, and its impact on the finale is devastating.

For those of us who have not been reading the comic book series, everything has been building up to a very emotional climax, despite its breezy blend of action, violence, and light-hearted comic book moments in the season’s finale, Invincible ends on a surprisingly dramatic–perhaps defeatist–note.


It combines those elements into an exciting rollercoaster that has satisfying conclusions for all the characters who have been developed throughout the show. The show subverts the superhero genre while enhancing it with a truly innovative story.

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Invincible Season Finale Reviews: Why You Must Watch It?

The entire season of Invincible is a must-watch show. Not just for superhero fans or comic book audiences – but for everyone else. It features mature content and gory violence, which is not suitable for young children. But the rest of us can enjoy the show – its nuance and treatment of historic tropes will keep you anticipating the next episode!

Despite its mature themes, Invincible is unique in that it features a teenager as the protagonist who’s trying to “have an ordinary life” while he also strives to fight crime.

The concept of Invincible is great because it brings back the classic superhero stories that have been missing from this market for some time. The differences between Mark and Omni-Man, specifically their approaches to life and morality, are a huge part of what separates them.


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