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New “Star Trek: Prodigy” Animated Series releases First Look, Teaser Trailer and Release Date!

Star Trek

“Star Trek: Prodigy,” a new animated series from the minds of Gene Roddenberry and Rick Berman, has released its first look, teaser trailer, and release date. The animated series is set to debut on November 30th at 8 pm EST on CBS All Access.

Star Trek: Prodigy Release Date Speculations

As an animated series set to debut in November 2021 on CBS All Access, “Prodigy” follows a young Captain Kirk who becomes the leader of Starfleet in 2364 after his father dies during peace talks with the Klingons; when he learns from Spock’s son Zar about how history being conquered by Romulans — he decides to change it back even though it didn’t die and they changed if have would have.

Episode length per episode about 20-25 minutes long, with each season containing 13 episodes in total.

Star Trek Reveals First Look at Captain Janeway Animated Series - IGN


Set to air on an international level through Netflix or other streaming services at a later date when announced officially.

How was the Teaser Trailer for the series?

The teaser trailer for the animated series was released by CBS with a snippet of footage from the show.


Show some promo art and clips that have been shared; so far; to catch viewers up; in regards to what’s going on- showing; Captain Kirk; standing next to a woman; who is presumed to be his wife; Carol Marcus just before their ship explodes; at Starfleet Academy; where they are students.

We also see an unidentified hand; (presumably Romulan) at the bottom left corner; of the screen; as it takes control over Spock’s son Zar – indicating; that this will not be your typical Star Trek; animated TV show; but rather something different; entirely.

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This new animated series; is based on Gene Roddenberry and Rick Berman’s original ideas; for what could have happened; if Star Trek: The Next Generation; had never existed.

The animated series; follows a young Captain Kirk who becomes the leader; of Starfleet in 2364 after his father dies; during peace talks with the Klingons; when he learns from Spock’s son Zar; about how history being conquered; by Romulans — he decides to change it back; even though it didn’t die and they changed if have would have.


Voice Artists, Cast, Crew, and Characters involved in the series

The animated series is a voice-over by some of the original cast, including William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Scott Bakula as Commander Jonathan Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise.

Other actors such as Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin Sisko on DS: Deep Space Nine), Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway on STV), and Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Worf in TNG).

In addition to many others who will be announced later.

The animated series also features a new cast of characters, such as Zar and Romulan Commander T’Mar (voiced by Star Trek: Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew).


There will be more than one voice actor for the role.

The plotline for Star Trek: Prodigy Animated Series

Star Trek: Prodigy will follow the adventures of a young Spock and Starfleet cadet Thomas Harewood, whose father was killed in action. To understand how his father died, he befriends Zar (voiced by Michael Dorn), who is from an enemy race called Romulans that are fighting with the Federation.

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This friendship leads him into positions where they both have to make difficult decisions as enemies turn friends then back again. This show is set in the year 22534, which is when Spock has retired from Starfleet Command and now teaches at a university. Military engagements are less common because of members of both sides recognizing that they will likely have to fight alongside each other in future conflicts.

As such, Romulans and Humans study together on some campuses where children from both races learn about how their cultures influenced one another.



I loved that they were able to keep a lot of the original characters. I hope it’s not too animated, but if so, at least we can have some great voice actors! The teaser trailer was also really well done and gave just enough information about the series. It doesn’t seem like there would be anything overly serious going on in this one because it is targeted towards kids. However, with Klingons and other villains lurking around every corner, you never know what will happen next for these new crewmembers who are full of potential. All-in-all, I am excited to see how Star Trek: Prodigy pans out when released on October 18th, 2019!

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