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“Kenan” Season 2: Premier Date ,Cast, Trailer

Kenan Season 2

Kenan Thompson’s return to sitcom television with his show “Kenan” got off to a great start. According to Deadline, Kenan premier brought around 4 million viewers. This gave NBC its comedy debut in 18-19 demography since 2017. But the odds are certainly in its favor. Thompson is an NBC stable between Saturday Night Life and Kenan. Thompson told the Atlanta Voice that he wants his series to showcase “young black fathers in a positive light.”

If the show gets renewed for a Second Season, here what the viewers might get to see.

The Kenan: Season 2 Premiere Date

The first season of Kenan premiered in February 2021. The show may be moved to fall into NBC’s and return in September 2021 or early 2022. The air dates solely depend on Thompson’s Saturday Night Life.

Young Rock' & 'Kenan' Renewed For Season 2 At NBC – Deadline


The Kenan: Season 2 Cast

The same cast is likely to return for the second season. Season 1 saw Thompson’s single father character Kenan Williams joined by Don Johnson playing his father-in-law, Dani Lane, and Dannah Lane as Kenan’s daughters Aubrey and Birdie.

Plot Predictions for Kenan Season Two

Kenan: Season One saw the family move to a new town in an effort to give their daughters more opportunities and shake off some of the baggage from Kendal’s relationship with his father. The trailer hints that this might not be enough, however, there are clips showing Dani Lane at work as a police officer, suggesting she may have fallen back into old habits. In addition, it looks like Birdie is struggling with her weight early on, and Aubrey has picked up some bad behaviors from hanging out with friends who “don’t care about school.” It could also indicate trouble ahead for son AJ when he starts dating girls in middle school.


The second season of Kenan features our titular hero struggling to balance his responsibilities as a father and husband while also juggling his job as an Assistant Principal in charge of discipline for Metropolitan High School. But when Dani Lane (played by Yara Shahidi) begins her junior year looking for more independence than she’s been able to find since moving from Atlanta in Season One, this is made even harder for both Kendal and herself. “She wants to be independent,” said co-executive producer Chris Riccardi.”

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The season also features Kenan trying to help his best friend Coach (played by Ben Jones) clean up some bad behaviors from hanging out with friends who “don’t care about school,” which could indicate trouble ahead for son AJ when he starts dating girls in middle school. But while Jonelle Allen, the former star of The Cosby Show, has never seen an episode of Kenan & Kel before this year, that doesn’t mean she isn’t excited for what’s coming next.”

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