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Big Mouth: Netflix announces Spinoff Series! Release Date, Voice Cast, Plot and Updates.

Big Mouth Spinoff

Big Mouth: Netflix announces Spinoff Series! Release Date, Voice Cast, Plot, and Updates. Big Mouth is coming to a TV near you this October with the release of Season 2 on Netflix! This time around, we will get an inside look at the crazy life of 13-year old Andrew Glouberman and his family as they continue their journey through puberty in a hilarious fashion. The show has been renewed for two more seasons which will also be available on Netflix, so make sure to catch up before those episodes are released!

Big Mouth New Spinoff Series Release Date

The show’s official release date is set to be October 17th, 2021. The first episode will premiere on Netflix exclusively, with new episodes airing every Sunday following the initial debut.

Voice Artists for the show

As for what we can expect from this spinoff series of Big Mouth?

There are many things! First and foremost: Who is going to voice our beloved characters!? Luckily the cast has been announced (because how would you feel if your favourite character was voiced by a different actor?).

Netflix has announced their newest show, Big Mouth – a comedy about puberty and the teenage experience. In case you were wondering who will be voicing our favourite characters: Miranda Cosgrove voices Jessi; Nick Kroll as Andrew Glouberman (Globglogger); John Mulaney as Jay Pritchett; Jordan Peele as Dr. Richard Schwartzennegger; Jason Mantzoukas as Tony Serrano Jr.; Jenny Slate as Missy Peregrym; Fred Armisen in his first animated role EVER playing Mrs. Chanel Faciolo!


Cast: new characters played by Maya Rudolph (Maya), Fred Armisen (Dr. Nicky Nystrand), and Jason Mantzoukas (Coach Steve Gribble). Recurring Characters – Big Mouth voice cast reprise their roles as the animated personification of puberty-struck tweens in an all-new series that looks at adolescence from a surprising and honest point of view.

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Is there a trailer/teaser for the “Big Mouth” Spinoff yet?

Nope. That said, there is a lot of speculation; that the Big Mouth (Netflix TV show) spinoff will be called “Bigger Mouth” and take place in high school! The reason; for this assumption: John Mulaney’s tweet, with a drawing of Jessi and Jay; from Big Mouth as freshmen, holding hands; on their first day of school.

Netflix Sets 'Big Mouth' Spinoff on Hormone Monster, 'Human Resources' | IndieWire


Plot Summary

The series will explore the awkward life; of entering high school; in a new town with all-new characters meeting each other for the first time.

The show will centre on teenager Nick Birch as he navigates puberty in the suburbs of NYC with his friends Jay Fosgitts and Jessi Nakota.

It’s unclear; when the series will be released, so stay tuned to find out more information soon!


Netflix john Mulaney Jessi and jay freshman holding hands-on first day drawing Twitter speculation bigger mouth high school reason assumption John Mulaney’s tweet picture drawing sketch comedy animation television sitcom family cartoon tv animated comical humour sketchy nonsensical sophomoric.


The synopsis for the new Netflix show states that “through adolescence,” one’s “sexuality develops.” The show features hormone monsters and life-sized genitals, representing the changes that adolescents go through.

The show follows teens who go through sex education classes where they are taught about sex, birth control, bullying, homophobia, and more. It also features returning elements like Coach Steve’s office for “Ask Me Anything” sessions with students.

Theme/Genre for the show: Comedy


Episodes: 12 episodes, first episode will be released on September 28 (not confirmed)

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About the show

Big Mouth is a comedy on Netflix that follows the adventures of two tweens, Nick and Andrew.

The show was praised by critics for its humorous portrayal of puberty in boys.

There are currently three seasons with 12 episodes each available to stream on Netflix. Season four is scheduled to release this September 28th!


The series was created based on real-life experiences from co-creator, comedian, actor, and writer Jennifer Flackett’s son, as well as adding her husband Dan Levin’s experience into the mix. It also takes inspiration from personal stories told in an online chat room about puberty called “Underground Puberty.” This group includes parents who have children between ages eight through twelve years old.


Big Mouth has been praised by critics for its humorous portrayal of puberty in boys and currently holds a 94% rating from Rotten Tomatoes users. There are currently three seasons with twelve episodes each, available to stream on Netflix. The show follows two tweens Nick and Andrew, during their adventures through puberty.

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