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When is Yellowstone returning for Season 4? Everything we know so far.

Yellowstone Season 4

The Yellowstone Season 4 release date is quickly approaching, and there’s been a lot of speculation as to what will happen next. Will the show be cancelled? Will it return for another season? What can we expect from the plot going forward? In this article, we’ll take a look at everything that has been revealed so far about Yellowstone Season 4.

Release Date for Yellowstone Season 4:

The Yellowstone Season premiere date has been set for Wednesday, June 19th, on Paramount Network. The show will air at the same time every week of its season: Wednesdays at nine p.m. ET/PT, and the finale is set to conclude on September 25th. Based on past seasons, we can expect a ten-episode run this year as well, with an estimated total runtime coming in around six hours worth of content if you watch all episodes back-to-back without commercials.

What are some potential plot points?

There’s been speculation that John Dutton might be killed off in Yellowstone Season Four because he took out his brother Charles’ eye when they were kids (and let him die). There was also a rumour that Dutton might be killed in an ambush by the Crow.

Some of our favourite characters are finally showing some cracks this season, like John’s wife Kaycee, who is battling her addiction to drugs and alcohol, or Branch trying to reconnect with his son while also maintaining a relationship with his girlfriend, Jules. Meanwhile, back at The Yellowstone Ranch, we’ll see how things get turned upside down when Nate McClure (played by newcomer Josh Lucas) joins the team as new ranch manager after the death of longtime character Mickey Finnegan. In addition, there will be more time spent on Martha Larkin living life as she always wanted: not being tethered to any man for fear they could die unexpectedly.


Branch has been a character that has really grown on me this season. I found the exploration of his relationship with Jules to be done really well, while Branch’s storyline at home is so dangerous and heartbreaking to watch unfold. It will be interesting to see how he continues to navigate fatherhood in a world where death can come quickly and unexpectedly for anyone.”

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Cast for Season 4 of Yellowstone:

Kevin Costner as John Dutton

Wes Bentley as Bobby Beckwith

Kelly Reilly as Kaycee Dutton McClure


Luke Grimes as Nate McLain

Bill Pullman as Micah Larkins

Cole Hauser and Gil Birmingham recurring cast members, respectively.

“The show’s executive producer, Taylor Sheridan mentioned; in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter; that the fourth season; would explore how “John’s death affects everyone.” And we’re also going to see; Branch struggling; with his own fatherhood responsibilities; after Jules’ passing.”


Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy; will also guest star in Yellowstone Season Four. Other new recurring cast members; include Danielle Panabaker, Breckin Meyer, Griffin Dunne, and Greg Violand.” I am really looking forward to seeing Montana’s state animal – the grizzly bear- return for a fourth season on Yellowstone! The bears are one of my favourite creatures that inhabit this beautiful place with us.”


John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was killed in an ambush by the Crow; Kaycee battles addiction while Nate McClure joins the ranch team after Mickey Finnegan Diesego as Danny Dutton.

In “Yellowstone” season four, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is dead, shot from behind during a raid on his cattle-ranching operation by Indians who want revenge for their land being seized 150 years ago.

“John Dutton – Yellowstone’s patriarch and the show’s main protagonist- will be killed off in an ambush by Crow followers. This season features Kaycee (played by Luke Grimes) battling addiction while Nate McClure joins the ranch team after Mickey Finnegan dies.”


Reviews and Ratings about Yellowstone Season 1:

Watching Yellowstone: Season One was a rollercoaster. It started slow, then eventually picked up the pace and became one of the most riveting TV shows on Netflix. The only downside is that we have to wait for season two! In this article, we’ll explore how long until Yellowstone returns for Season Four?

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Yellowstone premiered in April 2018 with ten episodes – so they may return next year (2019) at some point after their initial air date.

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