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The Mosquito Coast: Season 2 Review

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The Mosquito Coast Season 1 has received mostly positive reviews. So, what will be the new status of Season 2? The drama series follows a mysterious inventor who lives off the grid with his family. Based on a 1981 novel by Paul Theroux, the Apple TV+ adaptation will star cast his nephew, Justin Theroux. An actor is known for films like Wanderlust (2012), Zoolander No. Two (2016) or Tropic Thunder (2008). As we are not yet sure whether there is any chance to get another season for The Mosquito Coast, the series is coming to an end with a two-hour finale on Sunday.

The first episode of Season one was released at Christmas last year, and it featured Justin Theroux as Pat, his wife Leslie (Carrie Coon), and their three children. They are living in an abandoned bomb shelter below ground after he created a global disaster known as the Great Collapse, which killed off 99% of Earth’s population. In this TV show, we watch how they try to survive in isolation while being hunted by those who survived above ground, including other families that have become violent gangs called “The Freemen.” Justin Theroux will return for the final season but without Carrie Coon following her death in 2019 from cancer.

Apple TV+ Announces The Mosquito Coast Season 2 -

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The series is set in the year 2043, following a catastrophic global collapse due to climate change and nuclear war. The survivors live on an island called “the Mosquito Coast,” where they try to fend off pirates who want their remaining resources (water especially). The show centers around Christine Brennen (Nicole Kidman) as she retraces her steps after waking from a 12-year coma induced by carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the Great Collapse while taking care of her two children. She begins searching for answers about what happened during those years that forced them into living below ground on this isolated island and why no one else survived when people had access to knowledge so important for rebuilding society, such as farming techniques or finding new ways to live in harmony with the Earth.

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The theme of the New Season

A major theme of this season is knowledge and how it can be used for survival or destruction. The Great Collapse left a devastating effect on society but also created opportunities where new land could be reclaimed, food grown, water sourced, knowledge shared, and communities rebuilt with different values than before. It becomes clear that there are two extremes: One group who wants to take control by rebuilding society as quickly as possible; another group who wants to go back to basics while protecting what little they have. The first episode focuses more on Brennen’s investigation of her family’s background, which leads her eventually to discovering the secret behind their ancestry.


The Mosquito Cast will reprise its roles in Season 2. However, there will be a few new faces introduced in Season Two, including Leila George (Dreams of God) as Brennen’s mother, who is finally released from prison. The actors like Kimberly Elise’s Estelle Jones and James LeGros’ Don Voorhees will not be cast. They acted like Government agents in Season 1 and were killed.


Release Date

The Mosquito Coast doesn’t have an official premiere date. Most likely, Apple TV+ will keep the same production date and air new episodes in 2022. It is expected that the new season of Mosquito Coast will air between April and June 2022.

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