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Netflix’s Black Summer Season 2: Release Date, Plot Synopsis, Star Cast and Unanswered Questions!

A Madea Homecoming

Netflix is coming back with a new season of Netflix Black! Season 2 will be available on June 14th and has an all-star cast. Find out more about the release date, plot synopsis, star cast, and unanswered questions in our blog post!

Release Date for Season 2 of Netflix’s Black Summer:

Netflix’s Black Summer Season 2 will be released on June 14, 2021! As the filming has already begun and most of the scenes have been shot.

Black Summer Season 2: Will Netflix refresh the series? | Scoop Byte

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Plot Synopsis for Netflix’s Black Summer:

This season follows the Hawkins family as they try to survive. We see a new side of them, and we also get to know some new characters. Meanwhile, there is still racial tension in this post-apocalyptic world since it was revealed that people are being murdered because their skin color has been altered by an unknown gas leak from around Chicago. We learn more about who these murders were targeting; if you’re white, then nothing would happen, but anyone with darker skin than a light greyish tone could die at any time without warning or reason. The episode introduces us to a group of survivors known as “The Remnants” who have not died yet.

Netflix’s Black Summer Season is set over the course of three days in a small town that has been ravaged by an epidemic. With society breaking down around them, the two sisters start to become very authoritative and violent.

Star Cast for Netflix’s Black Summer:

The star cast includes a bunch of stars, but one that stands out is Simone Missick, who plays Misty. She has had an interesting journey in the Marvel Universe, and she will be featured as the main character this season. Along with her are Alfre Woodard (Mariah Dillard) from Luke Cage; Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh) from The Walking Dead; Loretta Devine (Rosie Lee Hawkins), also known as Mama Rosie, from Survivor’s Remorse, and many more!


The Netflix show features Rhyon Nicole Brown (This Is Us), Katori Hall (The Chi) as well as Alfre Woodard, who starred in season one! Who will you be watching?

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Unanswered Questions about the show:

What can we expect from Season 2 of Black Summer?

In Netflix’s Black Summer Season Two, we will see how the world reacts to what happened in New York City. The season is set two years after an outbreak of violence across America, and it focuses on a small group of survivors who have been living in isolation for long enough that they know every day is their last. With more than six months without any new disease cases reported, people are starting to whisper about whether anyone can really survive this new reality. But when a stranger from another part of the country arrives with news, hope goes out the window because she knows things no one else does: plague-infected walkers roam free; society has collapsed under pressure, and you’re either killing or being killed – there’s always someone close behind.

What was Black Summer Season 1 about?

In Season One, the world has not yet recovered from a mass epidemic; of violence, and Netflix Black Summer season two; picks up right where it left off; with more than six months; without any new disease cases; reported in New York City. With hope for survivors dwindling, we follow our group of characters; as they try to survive; on their own; while preserving; what’s left of society’s moral compass – but are constantly faced with; unimaginable obstacles. When a stranger arrives at their doorstep after traveling across the country offers news about life outside NYC, she knows things no one else does: plague-infected walkers roam free; society collapsed under pressure, and you’re either killing or being killed – there’s always someone close behind! Will this be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for?

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Will Season 2 be the final season for the show?

Netflix has yet to announce if Season two will be the final season, but it’s possible that this could happen. Netflix would not want an abrupt ending for their show, and as a result, they have been cautious about how they end each series. It is also possible that Black Summer may get renewed for another round of episodes in 2021 or 2022, which would allow viewers more time to say goodbye to these beloved characters.


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