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Michael C Hall teases Dexter Season 9. Everything we know so far!

Dexter Season 9

“I’m in denial. I feel like we’re not done, and it’s a great feeling.” Michael C Hall said in an interview with Yahoo! News about Dexter Season 9. It seems that Michael is just as excited for the upcoming season as all of us are. He also revealed what might happen to Dex this time around: “He was really happy last season because he found love again and had his daughter back,” Michael C Hall continues, “so I think he’ll be on top of the world now that she’s gone.” The cast has been announced, but there is still no release date set yet.

Dexter Season 9 Air Date Speculations:

Michael C Hall confirmed that the show-runner of Dexter, Sara Colleton, told him that she definitely wants to do another season. There are currently no announcements about a release date yet, though.

On January 11th Showtime revealed they have not renewed it for Season Nine yet and will make an announcement after all episodes air this year.

Dexter Season 9 Trailer: Michael C Hall's Character Is Still A Killer

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Michael C Hall teases the media about Dexter Season 9:

Hall has been asked by the media about Dexter Season Nine. When he was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Michael said that they are already in talks with one another and would like to work together again, but it is too soon for them to announce anything yet.

“We’re talking,” Hall confirmed, “but I don’t know how much more you want me to say.”


It seems like he will be rejoining the FBI, but there’s no news on how it will happen.

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There is also an interview with Michael C Hall where he teases what might happen in the new season of Dexter, which airs on Netflix this year.

Hall says that it seems like he’ll be rejoining the FBI again, but there are no details yet about how exactly it will happen or when we can expect him back as a character after his break for four years.

Michael said: “I think they’re talking about me coming back into some kind of variation of law enforcement.”


He even expresses disappointment over not being able to do any more dives from series nine onwards, saying: “Now I’m too old! The physicality was difficult at times. That

“We will have seen the last of Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan.”

Dexter Season 9 spoilers:

Some fans; have taken a look at this post; from Reddit, which reveals; some of Episode 12’s content, as well as an interview with Michael C Hall. Keep reading; if you want spoilers ahead! The user says that there will be a big fight; between Dexter Morgan and Dexter and Debra; they will try to kill Dexter.

Trinity’s goals come into fruition,” this fan speculated as Michael C Hall says that he would like to work together again, and they are talking. “I’m guessing there will be some sort of FBI investigation going on which leads him back there.”


There may also be more characters; who die before the end of season nine–possibly one or two main ones at least? The first episode could see Debra Morgan either dying due to her illness (leftover from when she was poisoned by a draper) or killed off by Dexter.

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“It’s not a bad idea to think that Deb might be dead by the end of episode one,” Michael C Hall says.”I don’t know what else we can say about it without being too revealing, but I like the idea of her death in some way or another, either from illness or at his hands.”

The user ends by saying, “So while this is just speculation, for now, many clues are pointing towards these theories coming true.” The user has not yet revealed how he received all this information–although there may also be other sources out there who have similar findings on season nine. It will most likely take more than 12 episodes before everything comes together and viewers find out if any predictions come true.

Is Dexter Season 9 worth binge-watching?

Dexter Season Eight was a hot mess. Remember the Zombie kid? The whole thing about Lumen being pregnant with Deb’s baby, and then it turns out she wasn’t? All that nonsense about Hannah pretending to be Deb for two seconds so Dexter can kill her because he is actually in love with his sister?


But if you’re one of those people who are (understandably) hesitant to go back into this world again, let me assure you: Michael C Hall has been teasing us on Twitter from day one. As he said last week, “I’m also looking forward to getting back together with my old friends.” You don’t say something like that without having some idea what the writers have in store.

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