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A Madea Homecoming: Release Date, Plot Synopsis, Cast Details and Teaser Trailer!


Tyler Perry returns to his roots in a Madea Movie that has something for everyone. Join the family as they say “Happy Holidays” with hilarious haymakers, heartfelt hugs, and a few life lessons thrown in for good measure. The homecoming starts on December 13th!

Release Date for the movie “A Madea Homecoming”:

The fans can expect the movie to release in 2022.

The release date for A Madea Homecoming was just announced as April 15th, 2022, so make sure to keep an eye out for it! You can also read more about the movie on IMDB or Wikipedia-although we’re not responsible for how much information they may have gotten wrong.

Tyler Perry's Madea Returns for 12th Film 'Homecoming' on Netflix

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Plot Synopsis:

It’s Christmas time again soon, but Julianna finds herself without any money or job prospects, so she decides it might be best to go back home after hearing about her dad being sick from cancer. She learns how tight-knit the community is when she runs into an old friend of hers who gives her a ride there only to find out he was going over there too because someone needed help bringing a turkey to the family.

A family Christmas turns out to be a hilarious prank, an unforgettable experience. Join the family as they say “Happy Holidays” with hilarious haymakers, heartfelt hugs, and a few life lessons thrown in for good measure.


Madea’s niece and nephew require a parent figure while their mother is away on a business trip. When Kelli can’t wrangle her rowdy brood at the airport, she calls Madea to come to help them get back into shape and make it for Christmas with family! This hilarious holiday comedy follows our favourite feisty grandma as she grudgingly trains her rebellious new kids on how to become respectable adults, all while potentially breaking the internet once again.

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Cast and Crew for the movie:

Cast: Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Denise Kossewsky. And if you were wondering who else is in this film, the cast includes Bella Thorne and Jennifer Hudson, along with several other talented actors!

Director(s): Tyler Perry

Producer(s): Denise Di Novi and War on Women Films Limited in association with Lionsgate


Teaser/Trailer for “A Madea Homecoming”:

The trailer starts off showing that somebody has died by saying, “It’s getting cold outside.” You then see a woman running towards something or someone shouting ‘Daddy!’ The camera then pans around to show a woman and two children walking towards their house. You hear Madea say, “did you forget something?” The camera then follows her as she walks into the empty house with a plant on either side of the door frame, calling for someone or something. She looks at a picture of herself in an old photo booth before yelling out, ‘Diana!’

The trailer continues showing Madea trying to get these three kids ready for Christmas by explaining that they need more respectability than what they have shown so far.

There is also footage of them running from a man who chased after them when he saw one of them steal his phone. By now, it has been revealed that Diana left this family due to not being happy there anymore.

The trailer shows a scene where the three kids start to act out in different ways.


About the movie:

The movie is about a group of high school students who get stranded at their prom after someone steals all of their money and personal belongings; the only problem is no one can tell them how to contact any grown-ups until an unlikely hero surfaces-Madea herself! But before she can lead these teens out of this mess, each must overcome some sort of obstacle like bad grades or bullying-or stay stuck forever!

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Madea starts by telling them that they need more respectability than what they have shown so far before yelling at one of the girls for stealing a man’s phone when she sees it happen live on TV. After this warning from her mother Diana walks in with a smile and states that “home is best”. The movie then follows these two as we see how their lives are after leaving each other years ago. This family deals with many challenges along the way but comes together stronger because of all those struggles which make up for an emotional ride for the audience.

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