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Twilight of the Gods Netflix has been announced! Everything we know so far.

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Netflix has just announced that they are releasing a new series called Twilight of the Gods. This is an 8-episode docu-series about the rise and fall of celebrities like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Lindsay Lohan.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything we know so far about this exciting show – from its plot to the cast.

Netflix Release Date for the series:

A release date hasn’t been announced by Netflix, but given the project was first announced two years ago, we’re fully expecting to learn more details very soon.

First announced in July 2019, it’s a taken a couple of years to learn any new details on Zack Snyder’s latest animated project, Twilight of the Gods. We finally have a first look at the incredibly exciting cast, and we’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Twilight of the Gods on Netflix.



The storyline; focuses on five major figures; in pop culture, over their careers’ twilight, periods as well as highlighting; how fame changes them personally and romantically; with each other along the way. It explores what happens; when stardom; is on the wane.

Netflix Reveals Full Cast For Zack Snyder's Twilight Of The Gods

Source: We Got This

At the time of writing, there are currently no details; on the plot of Twilight of the Gods, but we can confirm; that Zack Snyder has expressed the fact that the anime will be his vision and take on Norse mythology.

The plot revolves around five major figures in 20th-century pop culture: Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean.

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In a parallel world, seven gods in a theatre troupe called The Gods are on this journey of enlightenment when everything they love starts turning into dust. To end their suffering, they must find out who has cursed them before time runs out–but fulfilling that prophecy will mean sacrificing one of their own.


We finally have a first look at the amazingly talented cast for this project! In early July 2021, Netflix revealed that Jim Broadbent would be taking on the role of a literary giant—and all-around great American–Ernest Hemingway; Gillian Anderson as iconic photographer Diane Arbus; Jamie Dornan as artist Andy Warhol; Don Johnson as President John F Kennedy (with Maya Rudolph playing First Lady Jackie); and Benedict Cumberbatch voicing physicist Stephen Hawking.


Zachary Quinto (Einstein), Eddie Redmayne (Picasso), Rose Leslie (Monroe), and Douglas Booth as Hemingway.  In addition, there are three original characters created for the series– Angelica Finch, a young woman who has become one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers; Henry Keane, an art dealer who is at once visionary and ruthless; Bobby Longman Jr., a rising star on Broadway whose acting talent masks his insecurities about success.

Is there any official trailer for “Twilight of the Gods”?

No, there isn’t. Netflix has yet to release an official trailer for the series.  However, according to Variety magazine’s interview with writer and director David Leveaux–“The show is about a theatre troupe called The Gods who are on this parallel journey of enlightenment.”

Is “Twilight of the Gods” worth binge-watching?

It is worth binge-watching, but it is hard to say for sure.  There are only three episodes out, and we’re still waiting for the rest of them, which will air in 2021. However, Leveaux has said that “The show is about a theatre troupe called The Gods who are on this parallel journey of enlightenment.” Netflix’s description says that “everything they love starts turning into dust”–we’ll have to wait until all ten parts come out before making any conclusions as to whether or not it’s worth binge-watching.


A lot more information would be better than what you’ve written so far! We can’t tell if Twilight of the Gods Season One is good without knowing anything else about it yet; you need to give more information about what the show is and how it works.

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Which animation studio is currently working on the series?

What are the plot and characters?

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