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New Game Season 3: Release Date, Plot Synopsis, and More

New Game Season 2

This is a blog post about the release date, cast, and plot synopsis for game season 3. This article will provide information on when the new episodes will be coming out as well as who we can expect to see in this season of our favorite show.

New Game Season 3 Release Date Details:

New Game was aired for the first time in July 2016, but it had a later release date of September 19th. Then it followed up with another OVA airing on May 3rd, 2017. There were a total of 12 episodes in the second season, and the last episode aired on September 26, 2017.

Though fans are eager to find out when the third season of this interesting game will be coming out, there still has been no official word about it.

Nonetheless, this show is quickly gaining popularity among fans of the manga series. The previous two seasons are successful and expected to be followed by a renewal of the third season due to its inclusion of aspects from the manga series.


Japan-based manga-maker Shotaro Tokuno is launching the two seasons of this game, “New Game,” in one month’s span, which will be followed by a summer 2022 release of season 3.

New Game Season 3: Release Date | New Game Characters, English Dub

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New Game Season 3 Plot Synopsis:

Aoba Suzukaze is hooked to the “Fairies Story” fantasy computer game since childhood and stays indoors playing in contrast with other kids her age. To shockingly, she currently desires only one job prospect: Work at Eagle Jump, which is that individual company that designs all of the games she grew up playing.

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She works as an apprentice to the company’s lead character designer, Kou Yagami. The two talks about Fairies Story sequels, and depending on her performance, she’ll work with more or fewer people in the future.

Throughout the course of the season, Sue meets many of her coworkers, and everyone in her office loves hockey. From the monstrosity of the monstrous designer to the chief stage director of the corporate, everyone within the office is excited to give their followers a different experience of gaming.

‘New Game’ is the story of Aoba and her office friends as they work hard to make the best game. The crew shares their ups and downs, all aiming for the same goal.


While everyone has individual challenges, they embrace each other and continue working hard, knowing that this time will be different than before.

New Game Season 3 Characters Details:

Aoba Suzukaze is the female lead of this show, whose pretty facial features and purple eyes make her a standout. Additionally, her clothes are very bright in color.

Initially, when she starts working at the office, due to her lack of experience in the job, she spends most of her days learning how to use a 3D modeling program. But being such an eager learner that she is, she quickly learns all the basics and becomes eligible for some more serious work.

Ko Yagami, also known as Kou Yagami, is a designer character. He designed the cast of the game like Fairies Story. It also impresses Aoba making him look like a designer character. The protagonist’s hair is blonde, and her eyes are light blue.


Sam is not usually ambitious or enthusiastic. If designing characters, she relies on simple shapes and colors, but when it comes time to create a detailed design, be assured that she won’t stop until the perfectionist is satisfied with the end result.

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Ko is a character of high standards, and Aoba takes after him to an extent. Due to her repeated proposals that get rejected, she makes the office resolute as soon as she starts working there.

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