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Netflix’s Matilda: Release Date, Plot Details, Cast Speculations and Rumours!


It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here! Netflix’s Matilda: Release Date, Plot Details, Cast Speculations, and Rumours. This film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel tells the story of an extraordinary little girl who refuses to be ignored by her family or society. The cast includes Danny DeVito as Mr. Wormwood (Matilda’s father), Rhea Perlman as Mrs. Wormwood, Embeth Davidtz as Miss Honey (Matilda’s teacher), Mara Wilson as Matilda Wormwood, and Pam Ferris as Aunt Fanny (the children’s caretaker).

Matilda Release Date:

At present, the release date has not been announced, but there are some details we do know.

The film was expected; to be filmed; between August and December 2020; however, with casting; only just being announced, it may be there have been some delays.

Matthew Warchus, who; is directing the film, has plenty of experience given; he directed; the original stage musical and has since directed movies; such as Pride and Simpatico.


However, it has been revealed the movie; will be shown in UK cinemas and available; for home release, while it will be released on Netflix; throughout the rest; of the world.

The Plotline for the movie:

The film will follow the same plot; as the original musical and book. A genius girl; with a passion for books; is born to parents; who are too busy to look after her properly, so she’s sent off in disgrace; to live with an aunt and uncle on their farm.

Netflix's Matilda Musical Movie: Everything We Know So Far | Glamour


After being cruelly treated by her family members one day – especially when they do not let her into the TV room because it was “her turn” but then allow Uncle Harry’s son Trevor into view his programme on television – Matilda starts teaching herself about words from library books which she hides under her pillow at night. This allows her access to power that can be used against those around her if necessary, such as marking all of Aunt Fanny’s dresses with the word ‘TART.’

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Aunt Fanny and Uncle Harry are not happy, so they threaten to send her back home if she doesn’t stop reading books. Matilda soon becomes really upset about this threat because she does not want to return to a life of abuse where nobody cares for her.

What can we expect from the movie?

Matilda’s teacher Mrs. Wormwood is also unsupportive as well; when Matilda comes up; with an idea; for celebrating ‘International Woman’s Day in school; by letting girls watch Trevor; on TV while boys; would have knitting lessons, Mrs. Wormwood rejects; it outright. She then tells all of the students that women need men before proclaiming: “We’ll be here long after you’ve gone.” Comments like these from adults


Matilda soon becomes really upset about this threat because she does not want to return to a life of abuse where nobody cares for her. She starts thinking that the only way out is death. The Matilda in Netflix’s film seems too young to be contemplating suicide, but it could be an indication of what we can expect from the movie based on Dahl’s novel!

Cast for “Matilda” movie:

Mara Wilson as Matilda

Sian Clifford as Miss Honey

Danny DeVito as Mr. Wormwood


Rhea Perlman and Pam Ferris (voice) will also reprise their roles from the original TV production.

What can we expect from the movie?

Based on Dahl’s bestseller, “Matilda” is a story that tells of an extraordinary little girl who rebels against her parents to help herself find happiness. After being sent off by Mrs. Wormwood for not drinking what she said was her medicine, Matilda finds out that it contained castor oil – which made children sick so they would be more compliant in school. The film follows the family through three generations with loss and love at its centre while exploring human nature through comedy and drama.

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Is there a trailer teaser yet?

Matilda is set to be released on Netflix in December this year, with a teaser trailer recently being released by the media company. The film will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival only days before its scheduled release date, where Wilson has been confirmed as one of those attending alongside DeVito and Perlman. You can read more about what we know so far.

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