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Money Heist Korean Remake: Netflix’s Upcoming K-Drama

Money Heist Korean Remake

The Korean adaptation of the American television series “Money Heist” is set to be released soon enough. The original show, which aired on Netflix from 2017-2018, was a huge hit and has been praised for its innovative storytelling techniques.

Money Heist Korean Remake Release Details:

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for Money Heist, but we might see it happen after late 2020 or early 2021. The first season of Money Heist will have a total of 12 episodes. Each episode has 60 minutes runtime.

Money Heist Korean Remake Cast Details:

The cast for the Korean remake of the popular Spanish drama 'Money Heist'  revealed | allkpop


Netflix has just confirmed a final cast for the Korean remake of the popular Spanish show, Money Heist:

The Gang

  • The Professor – Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Berlin – Park Hae-soo
  • Tokyo – Jun Jong-Seo
  • Moscow – Lee Won Jong
  • Denver – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Nairobi – Jang Yoon-Ju
  • Rio – Park Jung-Woo
  • Helsinki – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Oslo – Lee Kyu-Ho

The Task Force

  • Seon Woojin – Kim Yunjin
  • Cha Moohyuk – Kim Sung-O

The Hostages

  • Cho Youngmin – Park Myung-Hoon
  • Yoon Misun – Lee Joobeen

The exciting South Korean cast will be just as entertaining–if not more so–than in the Spanish original.

More Details About Money Heist Korean Remake:

The consumption of South Korean media has grown rapidly over the past decade. Especially for its K-Drama series.


Netflix has put a monumental amount of effort into procuring some of the best and latest Korean Dramas available, fast-tracking itself as one of the best streaming services for Drama-related content.

Netflix’s newest addition comes in the form of Money Heist, a Korean remake. As it is made by Kim Hong-sun, who may be known for his directing skills from Voice and The Guest, this will surely only improve Netflix’s library.

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Netflix’s remake of the drama series My Holo Love will be produced in collaboration with two entertainment companies, BH Entertainment and Content Zium.

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