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Captain America 4: Release Date, Cast, and More

Captain America 4

Captain America: Civil War is finally here! The long-awaited release date has been released, the cast is set, and we can’t wait to see what happens. This post will give you all of the information you need on Captain America 4 so that you don’t have to spend hours searching for it. It’s time to get excited about this amazing movie because I’m sure it will be a huge success!

Captain America 4 Cast Details:

There is not currently any casting news for the film. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will likely return for the fourth installment of Captain America as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Moreover, according to reports from May of this year, the writer and the producer behind The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is working on a screenplay for the upcoming movie.

Captain America 4 Release Details:

There is no release date yet for Captain America 4, but it will likely be released in a few years. Marvel has no release date for the next Captain America movie, given their full calendar of productions.


Since we know that marvel has a full calendar of releases set for 2020-2025, we wouldn’t expect to see the new Captain America movie until 2024.

Captain America 4 Rumours and Information:

Who Will Play The Captain America?

Much like the rest of America, people were curious to know who would be cast as Captain America in the next film.

Chris Evans is reportedly absent from the next installment of Captain America, but new actor Sebastian Stan will take up his place.

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It would not shock us to see Steve Rogers make a small cameo in Captain America 4. We might even get a clearer understanding of his decision on whether to remain in the different timeline after the Endgame.


Will the US Agent Return?

We saw John Walker, played by Wyatt Russell, make his debut in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Spoiler alert: Steve Rogers, the new Captain America, broods after taking a super-soldier serum.

Captain America has taken on the role of US Agent, a comic book title that he and Walker received in the last film. With Valentina Allegra De Fontaine still at large (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), it’s possible for this to still be part of the storyline in Marvel’s next big release.

Captain America 4 Confirmed from Falcon and the Winter Soldier Showrunner


Who is Valetina Allegra De Fontaine?

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Valentina in The Falcon and Winter Soldier. It remains to be seen whether she will reprise her role in Black Widow, the next appearance for which would be as a secondary character.

Plus, Valentina’s history as a comic book character points to her possibly appearing in Sam Wilson’s first solo film as Captain America (Cap). The comic’s version of Valentina doesn’t wear a traditional costume and has not been addressed as Borden (Bordner) or Madam (Madame) Hydra.

Will Bucky Barnes Return?

There are no confirmed reports yet, but we assume Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes will also be in the new film. One of the best parts of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series is the relationship between Bucky and Sam. We expect Marvel to want to expand on that in Captain America 4.


Sharon Carter’s Power Broker:

The conclusion of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier or course featured one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s classic end credits scenes.

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In the latest Captain America flick, we see Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter receive a full pardon and an offer to return to her old job at S.H.I.E.L.D.

But before the scene ended, she made a call to someone while discussing advanced military hardware that can be obtained in her new position at Shield, as well as how high prices have skyrocketed due to demand for such weaponry from people of power around the world.

Samuel L Jackson is set to appear in the new Captain America film, but it would not come as a surprise if Sharon Carter was his antagonistic co-star.


Though, her plan to sell top-secret military hardware has us thinking we might see her again in the upcoming Disney+ series Armor Wars, which will see Tony Stark’s tech wind up in the wrong hands.

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