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Tribes of Europa Season 2: The New Season is Here!

Tribes Of Europa

In the first season of Tribes of Europa, we explored the tribes that live in Europe. Now, let’s take a closer look at what has happened in this part of the world since then and why it is worth paying attention to!

The show won’t be released until 2020, but there are still some things you can do now to prepare for its release.

We’ll start with an overview of what happened in Season 1 and what’s happening in Season two.

A quick recap of Tribes of Europa

In the first season, we followed Merete Lynggaard as she travelled through Europe to figure out who was behind a series of assassinations across the continent and whether there were any domestic threats to Norway. The result is an intriguing story that connects people and places from all over Europe.

Tribes of Europa" Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and other details

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This season, we will continue Merete’s investigation and head to a new country every episode, exploring the tribes that live in each place. We’ll also uncover how people were reacting to both increasing integration and increased globalization within their countries and across borders.

What happened since Season One?

In 2017, Merete Lynggaard was appointed the Director of the European Union Intelligence and Situation Centre (EU INTCEN) in Brussels, Belgium. She became responsible for coordinating intelligence on terrorist threats from her new position at the heart of Europe’s security apparatus.

Merete has now been working to reform EU INTCEN after a series of embarrassing public revelations about its failures. With EU INTCEN’s help, Merete has been trying to make Europe safer from security threats like terrorism and hybrid warfare.

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In 2018, the world watched as a populist wave swept across Europe in response to continued economic stagnation, mass migration, and social inequality. European politics is changing fast – but who will lead?

In the fictional world of Tribes, Merete is now trying to forge a new Europe. She’s been working with tribes across the continent – getting them more involved in decision-making and policy decisions that affect their lives.


That means putting into practice what she knows from her time at EU INTCEN: that cooperation can be more effective security than the competition.

“Cooperation is always better,” Merete says, “because it’s about what we all have in common.”

In the first season of Tribes of Europa, we saw the rise of a new Europe. Now, in Season Two, Merete has been elected president of EU INTCEN and is taking on her toughest challenge yet: to change European politics forever – before it’s too late.

Expected Release Date

Fans are expecting that the new season will be aired in the spring of 2021. Although the German series is yet to renew, according to a recent report, the second season of Tribes of Europa might release in 2022.



The first season left the fans at a cliffhanger. it ended with Kiano, played by Emilio Sakraya, killing his father. Following the cube’s directions following the Atlantian ark, Mosses (Oliver Masucci) and youngest sibling Elija ( David Ali Rashed) arrive at a deserted lake. Frustrated! Elija throws the cube into the water the ark emerges.

The second season of Tribes of Europa will pick up the story at that point. What’s in store for them? Keep watching to find out!

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Fans are expecting a shift from what was seen in Season One, where viewers got a glimpse into the future. Hopefully, this time around, they’ll see something more than just an empty lake.

The plot of Tribes Of Europa: Season 2

Moses and the youngest brother Elija arrive at a deserted lake following the cube’s directions. Fearing that he may have thrown it into the water, Elja throws in his fishing rod to try and fish out what they’re looking for from the submerged arc. The end of Season One left fans with many questions about where this season will take them.


The first season of Tribes of Europe let viewers see the future through what was in store for the tribes following this eventful day, but before anything else could be seen, there were screeching sounds coming from both sides of the lake.

The clash of the tribes is set to be one of its most brutal yet, and it looks as if there’s more than just a village that will have blood on their hands. The second season will explore a world where all bets are off against anything otherworldly, and they’ll need to use every bit of knowledge in order to find out what they’re up against.

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